October 12th, 13th, or 14th

Lorwyn Release Event Fact Sheet

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Worldwide Schedules


October 12th, 13th, or 14th, 2007North America
Great Britain and Ireland
  • Tournaments will be held Friday: October 12th or Saturday: October 13th or Sunday: October 14th.

Entry Fee & Product Mix

  • Check with your Release Event Location for specific entry fee information and start times.
  • Cost of entry for Sealed Deck will provide each player one Lorwyn Tournament Pack and two Lorwyn boosters.

Tournament Structure/Format

  • The structure of the Lorwyn release event is Modified Swiss with cut to top 8 or top 4. The tournament organizer may run Straight Swiss with no cut.
  • Sealed Deck – 40-card minimum deck
  • Sanctioned by the DCI

Giveaways/Prize Payouts (North America Only)

  • Promo Cards – Participate in League Play or the Tournament and receive one card (while supplies last). You may only receive 1 promo card even if you participate in both formats.
  • Magic Pens & Scorepads available while supplies last.
  • Deckboxes – The top 4 tournament finishers and 5 random door prizes.
  • Life Counters – The top 3 tournament finishers and 1 random door prize.
  • Magic T-shirts – The top 2 finishers in League Play.

Registration Information

  • For more specific information players should contact their local retailer.
  • Players who have general questions about the Magic: The Gathering TCG, Wizards of the Coast tournaments, the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour circuit, the DCI players’ organization, Qualifier tournaments, the Magic World Championships, National Championships, State Championships, or Regionals, should call Wizards of the Coast Customer Service at (800) 324-6496, or go to, wizards.custhelp.com.

Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, Lorwyn™, DCI, and Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. 2007 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

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