Morningtide Launch Party Fact Sheet

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Learn-to-Play – League Play – Tournament Play – Prizes

Worldwide Schedules


February 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, 2008North America
Great Britain and Ireland
Join the Party!

Bring your friends to a Morningtide™ Launch Party near you.
Play, trade, hang out, have fun, and win cool prizes *.


Parties will be held Friday: February 1st or Saturday: February 2nd or Sunday: February 3rd. Special "Midnight Madness" locations in North America will begin selling Morningtide at 12:01 a.m. Friday, February 1st. Check the North America locations page for a "Midnight Madness" store near you.

Play Structure/Format/Product Mix

  • The structure for League play is Sealed Deck. One Lorwyn™ Tournament Pack and two Morningtide™ Boosters. Players may purchase an additional Morningtide Booster after fifth loss and again after tenth loss and add it to their League Deck.
  • Yours for participating, while supplies last.
  • The Release Tournament is sanctioned by the DCI™.
  • The structure for the Release Tournament is Sealed Deck. Should be ran modified Swiss-style. Each player receives one Lorwyn Tournament Pack and two Morningtide Boosters to build a 40-card minimum deck.


  • Door PrizesMorningtide Life Counters will be given out randomly through the day (while supplies last).
  • League Play – Each participant receives one Earwig Squad foil promo card (while supplies last). The top-four players with the most wins + losses at the end of league play each win a Morningtide Deckbox.
  • Release Tournament – Each participant receives one Earwig Squad foil promo card (while supplies last). The top-four finishers each win a Morningtide Deckbox. First place wins a Morningtide Beanie!

Check with your local Launch Party location for specific entry fee, and start time information.

* With event participation. While supplies last.

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