Selecting Tenth Edition Week 1

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The letter W!elcome to the first week of Selecting Tenth Edition! Each week, we'll walk you through the various votes on a page like this one. When you're done reading just follow the link at the bottom to send in your vote.

All set? Click here to reveal your first choice!

Sketches Contest

For Selecting Tenth Edition, eight cards will be getting new art with your help. Click here to reveal them.

This week, you'll get to assign two artists to each of those cards. Below is a list of the artists you'll be assigning. For each of them, you can click on their name to bring up a Gatherer search showing cards they've illustrated. (However, note that some may not show up depending on which name was used, such as "Anthony S. Waters" (Aven Fateshaper) as opposed to "Anthony Waters" (Dream Coat), so if you have a specific piece you're looking for you may have to try a couple variations on some of the artists' names, or look the card up by its title instead.)

When you get to the voting page, just assign each artist to the card you'd most like to see him or her sketch. Once the results are in the artists will go to work on their pieces, which you should be able to start voting on in July.

Basic Land Art Vote

For this vote, we'll start by finding out the four most popular blocks of all time when it comes to basic land art. So, when you get to the voting page, just put a check in the boxes next to the four blocks with basic land art you'd most like to see return in Tenth Edition. Starting next week, we'll then vote on individual slots from those blocks, one block per week. (So, for example, next week will be a vote for the best Mountain, Forest, Island, Plains, and Swamp art from Block #4).

Here is the list of blocks so far that you'll be able to choose from (sorry Ice Age). Need to review? Click on any of these and you'll go to a page showing all the land cards from that block.

Head to the Polls!

As any fan of the Magic Invitational will tell you, we're in the process of overhauling the technology of how voting is handled on That means for this vote you'll be using your message boards account to log in. (The voting doesn't happen on the boards, but we will use your boards account to verify that you are who you say you are.) So, if you don't have a boards account yet, you can go here to create one. (Questions about what your boards account can do, or why you would want one? Just check our Forum FAQ.) Once you've done that, or if you already have a message boards account, you're all set. You've got until the site updates Sunday night to get your vote in, so click the link below to launch the polling page and go make your voice heard!

Click here to launch the voting page.

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