Blinding Angel vs. Dawn Elemental

Selecting Ninth Edition Week 2

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The letter W!elcome to the second week of Selecting Ninth Edition. We have quite a showdown lined up for you for this week's vote, but first things first -- the results from last week.

Emperor Crocodile beats Jade Leech
Emperor Crocodile wins!

Emperor Crocodile 8071 69.3%
Jade Leech 3572 30.7%
Totals 11643 100%

Ready for more?

This week your job is to decide between two powerful white flying creatures, Blinding Angel and Dawn Elemental. Blinding Angel is a beatdown control device and a win condition rolled into one. Dawn Elemental is an efficient combat powerhouse unaffected by damage. Which will you choose to put into Ninth Edition?

Blinding Angel vs. Dawn Elemental

To vote, you'll need to register first.

Once you've registered, click here to vote! (After voting, you might consider checking out the message boards to see how others voted!)

Thanks for making your voice heard. But this is just the beginning. Tune in next Monday -- and every Monday through September 6th -- to make even more important changes to your next Core Set.

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