Balduvian Horde vs. Goblin Goon vs. Rathi Dragon

Selecting Ninth Edition Week 6

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The letter W!elcome to the sixth week of Selecting Ninth Edition! Last week saw the battle of Persuasion vs. Rewind and Confiscate. Though the dialogue was heated on both sides on the message boards, the actual result was a blowout!

Confiscate and Rewind win
Confiscate and Rewind win the vote!

Confiscate and Rewind 10057 71.0%
Persuasion 4114 29.0%
Totals 14171 100%

Last week also featured the first of our sketch votes. Which artist will be transforming his sketch into the final piece for Dancing Scimitar?

Ron Spears's Dancing Scimitar sketch wins!

Sketch 2 by Ron Spears 10490 83.5%
Sketch 1 by Jim Nelson 2073 16.5%
Totals 12563 100%

Card Vote #6

In another twist, this vote offers you three choices to pick from. In honor of Red Week you’ll be choosing between Balduvian Horde from Alliances, Goblin Goon from Legions, and Rathi Dragon from Tempest. All of these cards offer enormous bodies for their casting cost but each comes with a different drawback to make up for it. Balduvian Horde only loses you 1 card from the hand to Rathi Dragon’s two cards already in play, but it’s a random card. Meanwhile Goblin Goon offers the largest body of all three, but comes with the requirement to gain creature superiority.

Three cards enter, one leaves! Which will it be?

Balduvian Horde vs. Goblin Goon vs. Rathi Dragon

Vote on Balduvian Horde vs. Goblin Goon vs. Rathi Dragon!

Sketch Vote #2

For this week’s sketch vote it’s time for a facelift for Blue’s iconic fat flier, Mahamoti Djinn. Pick whichever you like best and the winning sketch will be fleshed out into the final art for FatMoti’s Ninth Edition appearance!

This week’s vote pits Paolo Parente against Greg Staples.

Mahamoti Djinn sketch by Paolo Parente
Mahamoti Djinn sketch by Paolo Parente

Mahamoti Djinn sketch by Greg Staples
Mahamoti Djinn sketch by Greg Staples

Vote on Mahamoti Djinn Sketches!

To vote in either poll, you'll need to register first. After voting, check out the message boards link below to see how others voted!

Thanks for making your voice heard. We’ll see you next Monday (and every Monday through September 6th) with even more important changes to your next Core Set. Don’t miss it!

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