Temporal Adept vs. Time Elemental and Spirit Link sketches

Selecting Ninth Edition Week 7

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The letter I!t’s the seventh week of Selecting Ninth Edition, and the competition is heating up! Last week featured a three-way brawl of the fatties for Red Week, pitting Balduvian Horde, Goblin Goon, and Rathi Dragon against each other. Yet again there was heated debate on the message boards but this vote too had a clear winner.

Rathi Dragon makes it into Ninth Edition!
Rathi Dragon makes it into Ninth Edition!

Rathi Dragon 8628 61.8%
Barbarian Horde 3194 22.9%
Goblin Goon 2132 15.3%
Totals 13954 100%

Next up is the battle of the artists vying for the chance to do the final artwork for Mahamoti Djinn.

The Greg Staples sketch wins the vote!

Sketch 2 by Greg Staples 11641 85.2%
Sketch 1 by Paolo Parente 2019 14.8%
Totals 13660 100%

Card Vote #7

This week it’s the battle of the bounce. Time Elemental was a very popular card back in the Legends days, and it made it into the core set for Fourth Edition as well as Fifth Edition. Temporal Adept of Urza’s Destiny is the incumbent though, looking to extend its run in Seventh Edition and Eighth Edition into a threepeat. The adept is the stronger card in terms of versatility and costs one less to activate, but comes with a steeper blue requirement that many decks find prohibitive not to mention that often annoying single point of toughness. Which card makes it? The choice is yours!

Temporal Adept vs. Time Elemental

Vote on Temporal Adept vs. Time Elemental!

Sketch Vote #3

This week’s sketch vote features another Legends card, a white spell so well known that it’s often considered synonymous with the ability of gaining life for damage dealt. Having made every core set it’s been eligible for, it’s time for Spirit Link to get a new look. Pick whichever you like best and the winning sketch will be fleshed out into the final art for this card’s Ninth Edition appearance!

This week’s sketch vote is between Kevin Walker and Ron Spencer.

Spirit Link sketch by Kev Walker
Spirit Link sketch by Kev Walker

Spirit Link sketch by Ron Spencer
Spirit Link sketch by Ron Spencer

Vote on Spirit Link sketches!

To vote in either poll, you'll need to register first. After voting, check out the message boards link below to see how others voted!

Thanks for making your voice heard. We’ll see you next Monday (and every Monday through September 6th) with even more important changes to your next Core Set. Don’t miss it!

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