Shard Phoenix vs. Hammer of Bogardan, and Elvish Piper sketches

Selecting Ninth Edition Week 9

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The letter L!ast Week’s Selecting Ninth Edition card vote was between the hasty Viashino beaters and this time it was the smaller guy that won out, with almost twice the votes of his beefier competitor.

Viashino Sandstalker makes it into Ninth Edition!

Viashino Sandstalker 7049 63%
Viashino Cutthroat 4065 37%
Totals 11114 100%

For the sketches vote, it was rk post and Mark Tedin competing over Zur’s Weirding for Ice Age Week. Who’s sketch will become the final piece for Ninth Edition?

The rk post sketch wins the vote!

Sketch by rk post 6778 66%
Sketch by Mark Tedin 3555 34%
Totals 10333 100%

Card Vote #9

For this week’s card vote it’s a duel between two heavy hitters, Hammer of Bogardan and Shard Phoenix. Both are powerful cards with significant tournament experience on their resume. Both bring great late game options to their decks thanks to their ability to be returned from the graveyard. Hammer of Bogardan has made it into two previous core sets (Sixth Edition and Eighth Edition) while Shard Phoenix is looking to make its first appearance outside of Stronghold. Make sure to vote for your favorite and we’ll let you know the results next week!

Hammer of Bogardan vs. Shard Phoenix

Vote on Hammer of Bogardan vs. Shard Phoenix!

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Sketch Vote #5

The sketch vote this week is for the popular green card Elvish Piper. The artists you have to choose from this time around are Rebecca Guay and Terese Nielsen.

Elvish Piper sketch 1
Elvish Piper sketch by Rebecca Guay

Elvish Piper sketch 2
Elvish Piper sketch by Terese Nielsen

Vote on Elvish Piper sketches!

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Thanks for making your voice heard. We’ll see you next Monday (and every Monday through September 6th) with even more important changes to your next Core Set. Don’t miss it!

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