2005 Pro Tour–Columbus Artist: Glen Angus

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Glen Angus's Cards
Card Name Card Set
Spiritmonger Apocalypse
Mask of Intolerance Apocalypse
Panoptic Mirror Darksteel
Ivory Mask Eighth Edition
All Suns’ Dawn Fifth Dawn
Forest Invasion
Ancient Kavu Invasion
Mountain Invasion
Ghitu Fire Invasion
Tsabo’s Assassin Invasion
Tidal Visionary Invasion
Metathran Transport Invasion
Collapsing Borders Invasion
Wormfang Crab Judgment
Essence Sliver Legions
Mistform Wakecaster Legions
Starlight Invoker Legions
Aven Warhawk Legions
Quagmire Lamprey Mercadian Masques
Caustic Wasps Mercadian Masques
Fabricate Mirrodin
Broodstar Mirrodin
Thought Prison Mirrodin
Mindslaver Mirrodin
Tower of Murmurs Mirrodin
Jolting Merfolk Nemesis
Tangle Wire Nemesis
Pardic Firecat Odyssey
Shadowblood Ridge Odyssey
Petrified Field Odyssey
Phantatog Odyssey
Magma Vein Odyssey
Airdrop Condor Onslaught
Kaboom! Onslaught
Sandskin Onslaught
Gustcloak Runner Onslaught
Wretched Anurid Onslaught
Gigapede Onslaught
Mistform Shrieker Onslaught
Malicious Advice Planeshift
Planeswalker’s Scorn Planeshift
Dralnu’s Pet Planeshift
Root Cage Prophecy
Soul Charmer Prophecy
Bog Elemental Prophecy
Frozen Solid Scourge
Hindering Touch Scourge
Rock Jockey Scourge
Scattershot Scourge
Strands of Night Seventh Edition
Disorder Seventh Edition
Onslaught Dragon Token Token Creatures
Apocalypse Angel Token Token Creatures
Onslaught Bear Token Token Creatures
Carrion Wurm Torment
Hydromorph Guardian Torment

Glen Angus is an artist that enjoys playing Type 1 group play (though he’s not very good and is a real sucker for huge, cool looking creatures with even bigger casting costs). Glen recently moved into the video game biz as a Senior Artist, painting concept art, load screens, packaging art, and textures for Raven Software/Activision. He spent the past ten years divided between teaching as a Professor of Graphic Design and painting fantasy art for the role playing and card game industry. Much of his work can be found in Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Dragonlance covers. Glen dabbles in the children's book genre-doing work for Cricket magazine, Harry Potter, and personal pieces like the "Filling Valhalla" poster (winner of the 2001 Summit Illustration Award.) Check out his work at http://www.gangus.net.

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