2002 Chicago Masters Tournament Format Document

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  • Standard Constructed
  • Single-elimination
  • All matches are best two out of three.
  • Players may use different decks between the Gateway and Masters tournament

Round Length

  • Untimed rounds
  • Players have 3 minutes to sideboard between games.
  • Although there is no official time limit, players must still take their turn in a timely fashion. Slow play will not be tolerated.

Thursday Schedule
4:00 PM: Round 1 of Masters starts, decklists are due.

Time permitting; round 2 and 3 of Masters will be completed immediately following the completion of the first Masters round. Estimate 7:00 PM for start of the second round.

Friday Schedule
Time permitting; the remaining rounds of the masters will be played immediately following round 7 of the Pro Tour. All Masters players still in contention must report to the feature match area immediately following the conclusion of round 7 of the Pro Tour.

Sunday Schedule
11:00 AM: The top 2 Masters players check in at the feature match area.

Masters Gateway Information

Players who are not already qualified for the Masters may participate in the Masters Gateway tournament on Thursday morning if they fit the invitation criteria.

Format: Single elimination Standard Constructed. Top 4 players earn spots in the Masters tournament.

Thursday Gateway Tournament Schedule

8:00 AM - Registration

9:00 AM - Round 1 Begins - Decklists are due.

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