2003 Venice Masters Tournament Format Document

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  • 3-person Team Rochester Draft
  • All matches are best two out of three.
  • 2 boosters of Onslaught and one booster of Legions.

Round Length

  • Untimed rounds
  • When time is called, the active player will finish the turn and five additional total turns will be taken.
  • Slow play will be enforced even though there is no time limit.

Thursday Schedule
8:00 AM: Registration for the Gateway Tournament
9:00 AM: Gateway Tournament Begins

4:00 PM: Round 1 of Masters starts with Rochester Draft (8 teams).

Round 2 of Masters will be completed immediately following the completion of the first Masters round. Estimate 7:30 PM for start of second round.

Sunday Schedule
8:00 AM: All Masters players (from top two teams) check in at feature match area.

Gateway Tournament

The top two teams from the Masters Gateway tournament will win a spot in the Venice Masters tournaments. The Masters Gateway will be single-elimination team sealed deck, with the top 4 teams drafting for the two invitations to the Masters. The product mix will be: 2 Onslaught Tournament Decks and 4 Legions Boosters. All of the Gateway rounds will have a 60-minute time limit. Unfinished matches will be determined by life total, if needed.

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