Pro Tour Nagoya Artist - Paolo Parente

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Paolo Parente
Card Name Card Set
Ardent Militia 7th Edition
Western Paladin 7th Edition
Blanchwood Armor 7th Edition
Vengeance 7th Edition
Elvish Champion 7th Edition
Ardent Militia 8th Edition
Hulking Cyclops 8th Edition
Call of the Wild 8th Edition
Blanchwood Armor 8th Edition
Vengeance 8th Edition
Hundred-Talon Kami Champions of Kamigawa
Hall of the Bandit Lord Champions of Kamigawa
Tenza, Godo's Maul Champions of Kamigawa
Godo, Bandit Warlord Champions of Kamigawa
Sokenzan Bruiser Champions of Kamigawa
Hanabi Blast Champions of Kamigawa
Blood Rites Champions of Kamigawa
Pulse of the Dross Darksteel
Pulse of the Fields Darksteel
Pulse of the Forge Darksteel
Tel-Jilad Wolf Darksteel
Tel-Jilad Outrider Darksteel
Elvish Berserker Exodus
Flowstone Flood Exodus
Ogre Shaman Exodus
Onslaught Exodus
Reckless Ogre Exodus
Skyshroud Elite Exodus
Loxodon Stalwart Fifth Dawn
Mycosynth Golem Fifth Dawn
Lunar Avenger Fifth Dawn
Krark-Clan Ogre Fifth Dawn
Benalish Lancer Invasion
Ardent Soldier Invasion
Disrupt Invasion
Armadillo Cloak Invasion
Shivan Emissary Invasion
Cho-Arrim Bruiser Mercadian Masques
Misdirection Mercadian Masques
Waterfront Bouncer Mercadian Masques
Alley Grifters Mercadian Masques
Stamina Mercadian Masques
Balloon Peddler Mercadian Masques
Warpath Mercadian Masques
Megatherium Mercadian Masques
Barter in Blood Mirrodin
Cobalt Golem Mirrodin
Empyrial Plate Mirrodin
Hematite Golem Mirrodin
Malachite Golem Mirrodin
Needlebug Mirrodin
Pewter Golem Mirrodin
Titanium Golem Mirrodin
Angelic Favor Nemesis
Lightbringer Nemesis
Flowstone Armor Nemesis
Mogg Salvage Nemesis
Sadistic Hypnotist Odyssey
Skull Fracture Odyssey
Lieutenant Kirtar Odyssey
Mystic Zealot Odyssey
Time Stretch Odyssey
Spark Mage Odyssey
Tephraderm Onslaught
Allied Strategies Planeshift
Lashknife Barrier Planeshift
Sisay's Ingenuity Planeshift
Daring Leap Planeshift
Steel Leaf Paladin Planeshift
Urza's Guilt Planeshift
Deep Wood Portal
Hulking Cyclops Portal
Thundering Wurm Portal
Winter's Grasp Portal
Thing From The Deep Portal
Keldon Arsonist Prophecy
Keldon Berserker Prophecy
Veteran Brawlers Prophecy
Whip Sergeant Prophecy
Conviction Stronghold
Mindwarper Stronghold
Torment Stronghold
Flowstone Mauler Stronghold
Shard Phoenix Stronghold
Fling Stronghold
Serene Offering Tempest
Wood Sage Tempest
Blood Frenzy Tempest
Rootwater Shaman Tempest
Stinging Licid Tempest
Lowland Giant Tempest
Mana Flair Unhinged
Masticore Urza's Destiny
Fend Off Urza's Destiny
Ancient Silverback Urza's Destiny
Metathran Soldier Urza's Destiny
Child of Gaea Urza's Saga
Opal Titan Urza's Saga
Albino Troll Urza's Saga
Sanctum Custodian Urza's Saga
Blanchwood Armor Urza's Saga
Gaea's Embrace Urza's Saga
Exhaustion Urza's Saga
Veiled Crododile Urza's Saga
Avizoa Weatherlight
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