2006 Pro Tour–Prague Travel Recommendations

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Travelling to, from and inside Prague

Prague's Ruzyně airport, 10km (6mi) northwest of the city centre, is the Czech Republic's only international airport. It's served by dozens of international carriers, including Česke aerolinie (ČSA), the state airline. Departure tax is included in the price of the ticket. Smaller Karlovy Vary airport primarily serves domestic travellers, but has regular flights to Moscow.

Time Zone: GMT/UTC +1 (Central European Time)
Languages: Czech (official)
Currency: Czech Koruna (Kč)

Electricity: 220V 50HzHz
Electric Plug Details: European plug with two circular metal pins.

Driving from the Ruzyně airport to the city centre takes about 40 minutes.

Trains run daily between Prague and most major European cities; Paris, Amsterdam, Munich and Vienna are some major hubs. Within the Czech Republic, Czech Railways (ČD) provides cheap, efficient service. Various passes are available.

Buses tend to be faster, more frequent and marginally cheaper than the train. All domestic long-distance buses and most regional services depart the Florenc station, though many regional buses depart other terminals scattered throughout the city.

Your best option is to use public transport – single ticket cost 20CZK, ticket for 24hour 80CZK, ticket for 3days 220CZK (more on

Transport to the tournament venue

Pro Tour-Prague will be held at Sazka Arena. Here is a map of the surrounding area, along with foot, car, and mass transit directions:


Changing your money: Travellers cheques are easily cashed throughout the Czech Republic. Eurocheques are cashed free of charge at Komercní banks, and there are American Express and Thomas Cook offices in Prague which will change their cheques at bank rates free of charge. Upper end hotels and restaurants in major tourist centres accept some credit cards, usually American Express, Visa or MasterCard (Access) and sometimes Eurocard, Diners Club or JCB. Most travel agencies and some tourist shops in Prague accept credit cards, but most shops prefer crowns. Don't bother exchanging money on the black market: the usual rate is barely above the bank rate and there are plenty of scammers ripping off tourists with discontinued old crown notes or worthless Polish zlotys.

Tipping: After fair service in a restaurant, round up the bill to the next CZK10.00 (or the next CZK20.00 if it's over about CZK100.00). The same applies to tipping taxi drivers. If your driver is honest and turns on the meter then you should round up the fare at the end of your journey. In restaurants, the usual protocol is for the waiter or waitress to show you the bill and for you, as you hand over the money, to tell them the total amount you want to pay with the tip included. Change is usually counted out starting with the big notes, on down to the littlest coins. In more posh restaurants, if you say děkuji (thank you) during this process, your waiter may assume the rest is a tip.

Places to eat

Ethnic restaurants are burgeoning in Prague, so your diet can stretch beyond standard meaty Czech fare. There are also plenty of restaurants and pubs that move beyond the frumpy dumpling approach to embrace top-quality local food presented in creative and international ways.
  • Lonely Planet’s selection of restaurants
  • Prague at night

    Prague's past plays a big part in its entertainment scene by providing centuries-old stone cellars for musicians to blaze away in, sculpted facades for beer halls to make noise behind, or grand auditoriums for the staging of classical events. Competing with these are suavely modern bars and clubs.
  • Lonely Planet’s selection of pubs and nightclubs
  • No. 1 music club in the centre of Prague: DUPLEX
  • Where to sleep

    Top 5 hotels close to the tournament venue:
  • Hotel Arlington
  • Hotel Palma
  • Hotel Bohemika
  • Hotel Carol
  • Hotel Esprit

  • Other hotel sites:
  • Lonely Planet‘s selection of hotels
  • Other activities

  • LASER GAME, Game Center and internet café:
  • ZOO Prague:
  • Tourist tips, places to see:

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