Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour Qualifiers
Pro Tour–Prague 06 Qualifiers

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North America Qualifiers
UK & Ireland
Europe (excluding IT, FR, UK)
France Qualifiers
Italy Qualifiers
Australia/New Zealand Qualifiers
Asia Qualifiers
Japan Qualifiers
Latin America Qualifiers

Entry Fee

Entry fee varies from location to location. Check with local organizer for specific information.


  • Swiss Rounds: Sealed Deck, Top 8: Booster Draft
  • For events starting prior to February 4, 2006, the product used for the Sealed Deck will be 1 Ravnica: City of Guilds Tournament Pack and 2 Ravnica: City of Guilds boosters; 3 Ravnica: City of Guilds booster packs will be used for the Booster Draft.
  • For events starting February 4 and thereafter, the product used for the Sealed Deck will be 1 Ravnica: City of Guilds tournament pack and 2 Guildpact boosters; 2 Ravnica: City of Guilds booster packs and 1 Guildpact booster will be used for the Booster Draft.
  • Deck lists are required
  • If product is not stamped or preregistered, deck registration and deck swap will be performed for the Swiss Sealed Deck.

Tournament Length

  • Swiss rounds - 50 minutes per round
  • Number of Swiss rounds based on attendance according to the following chart:
Attendance Number of Swiss rounds
17 - 32 5
33 - 64 6
65 - 128 7
129 - 226 8
227 - 410 9
411 or higher 10


  • All players may participate in all Swiss rounds.
  • The top 8 players after the final Swiss round will advance to the top 8 single-elimination finals.

Top 8

  • Top 8 matches will be best 2 of 3
  • Top 8 matches will have no time limit
  • The Top 8 players will be seated randomly at the draft table immediately prior to drafting.
  • The Top 8 bracket will be determined using this random seating.
  • Where necessary, the standings after the Swiss rounds will still be used to determine final order in the standings.


  • 32K, REL 3
  • All Universal Tournament Rules and Magic: the Gathering Floor Rules are in effect for this event unless specifically overruled by information in this Format Document
  • Players must bring pen, paper, card sleeves and appropriate counters.

Invitations, Eligibility, and Prize Money

Players already holding an invitation to Pro Tour–Prague are prohibited from participating in any Pro Tour–Prague Qualifiers, with the exception of Grand Prix tournaments. Players may have earned invitations through performance at a previous Pro Tour, Players Club membership level, winning a previous Qualifier or Grand Prix tournament, or by being an invited DCI™ player (valid upon the date of the official ratings invitation announcement for the appropriate professional tournament).


  • Invitations to Pro Tour–Prague (exact number of invitations determined by tournament location)
  • Product prizes to be determined by the organizer
  • Some Qualifiers offer cash prizes. See individual schedules for details.
  • North America, Latin America, & Japanese Qualifiers offer Travel Awards. “Wizards reserves the right to modify any and all prize or award structures, and to substitute any prize or award for another prize or award in its sole discretion. All awards are non-transferable, non-negotiable, and not redeemable for an alternative award except in Wizards’ sole discretion. All taxes are the responsibility of the individual receiving the prize or award. Pro Tour Qualifier tournaments held in North America, Latin America, and Japan offer travel awards to the Pro Tour tournament to which the Pro Tour Qualifier winner has qualified by winning the Pro Tour Qualifier. The following terms and conditions govern these travel prizes: Before being awarded any travel prize, the Pro Tour Qualifier winner must, among other things, submit to Wizards of the Coast, Inc. (i) a signed Consent and Release Agreement and (ii) the appropriate IRS tax form, and provide proof of identification. An airfare award shall consist of one (1) roundtrip coach air ticket, on an airline chosen by Wizards or its designate, from the major airport nearest my home to the city in which the applicable tournament or championship will be held. The travel award winner agrees to adhere to all instructions provided by Wizards to assist Wizards or its designate in booking such air ticket. Wizards or its designate will book such ticket to include the days of the applicable tournament or championship. Lodging, meals, gratuities, ground transportation, and fees caused by changes to airline reservations are my responsibility. Trip must be taken on dates designated by Wizards or award will be forfeited. Specific travel dates and arrangements are subject to availability. Minors who win a Pro Tour Qualifier are not eligible to be awarded the plane ticket travel award. Instead, minors will be awarded a “Cash Equivalent Award” equal to the cost of a round trip ticket to the Pro Tour in question, as determined by Wizards in its sole discretion. This award will be issued only if the player actually shows up to the Pro Tour in question on his or her own, and register to play. We will pay out this “Minor Qualifier Travel – Cash Equivalent Award” after the Pro Tour along with the rest of the Pro Tour payouts. For additional information about travel awards, please go to”

Registration Information

  • Players who want more specific local tournament or registration information should call their local contact phone number.
  • Players who have general questions about the Magic: The Gathering® trading card game, Wizards of the Coast, Inc., the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour, ArenaTM–The League for Magic: The Gathering, DCI players' organization, Qualifier tournaments, the Magic® World Championships, National Championships, State/Provincial Championships, or Regionals should call Wizards of the Coast at (800) 324-6496, or send email to us via the form at
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