2004 Pro Tour Seattle Artist: Anthony Waters

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Anthony Water's Cards
Card Name Card Set
Gorilla Shaman Alliances
Gorilla Shaman Alliances
Primitive Justice Alliances
Martyrs’ Tomb Apocalypse
Bloodfire Infusion Apocalypse
Night // Day Apocalypse
Shield of Duty and Reason Apocalypse
Life // Death Apocalypse
Yavimaya Coast Apocalypse
Mycosynth Lattice Darksteel
Quicksilver Behemoth Darksteel
Walking Wall Ice Age
Cinder Wall Eighth Edition
Soul Exchange Fallen Empires
Farrel’s Mantle Fallen Empires
Nim Grotesque Fifth Dawn
Opaline Bracers Fifth Dawn
Fold into Æther Fifth Dawn
Ferocious Charge Fifth Dawn
White Mana Battery Legends, Fourth Edition
Pale Bears Ice Age
Diabolic Vision Ice Age
Kjeldoran Guard Ice Age
Gorilla Pack Ice Age
Elemental Augury Ice Age
Life Chisel Legends
Dream Coat Legends
Life Matrix Legends
Knowledge Vault Legends
Divine Intervention Legends
Mistform Ultimus Legions
Rockshard Elemental Legions
Canopy Crawler Legions
Living Hive Mirrodin
War Elemental Mirrodin
Elephant Ambush Odyssey
Charmed Pendant Odyssey
Squirrel Nest Odyssey
Steam Vines Odyssey
Mountain Odyssey
Infected Vermin Odyssey
Epicenter Odyssey
Mortivore Odyssey
Wirewood Lodge Onslaught
Aven Fateshaper Onslaught
Hystrodon Onslaught
Wall of Mulch Onslaught
Contested Cliffs Onslaught
Windswept Heath Onslaught
Mistform Skyreaver Onslaught
Stag Beetle Onslaught
Kamahl’s Summons Onslaught
Hazy Homunculus Prophecy
Blessed Wind Prophecy
Thundercloud Elemental Scourge
Dawn Elemental Scourge
Root Elemental Scourge
Spindrift Drake Stronghold
Whim of Volrath Tempest
Winged Sliver Tempest
Onslaught Insect Token Magic Player Rewards Token
Onslaught Elemental Token Magic Online Only
Overmaster Torment
Thran Weaponry Urza’s Legacy
Treetop Village Urza’s Legacy
Forest Urza’s Saga
Forest Urza’s Saga
Forest Urza’s Saga
Forest Urza’s Saga
Karn Vanguard
Circular Logic Torment
Wild Mongrel Odyssey
Flock of Rabid Sheep Unglued

Anthony Scott Waters is a Concept Artist and illustrator based in Washington State, USA. His career has taken him from the early days of interactive software all the way to Hollywood, with many stops in-between. He’s known as a monster maker and environment designer for Magic as well as companies like Microsoft, Hasbro and Electronic Arts. His work has also been featured in Spectrum: the Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art and toured the country in the MacExpo Digital Art Show.

Anthony lives in Bellevue with his two dogs, Barnum and Ellie Mae. His work can be viewed at

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