2004 Pro Tour Seattle Artist: Darrell Riche

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Darrell Riche's Cards
Card Name Card Set
Battlefield Forge Apocalypse
Coalition Flag Apocalypse
Ana Disciple Apocalypse
Arcbound Stinger Darksteel
Crazed Goblin Darksteel
Arcbound Worker Darksteel
Vedalken Mastermind Fifth Dawn
Viridian Lorebearers Fifth Dawn
Conjurer’s Bauble Fifth Dawn
Wayfarer’s Bauble Fifth Dawn
Phyrexian Infiltrator Invasion
Island Invasion
Rewards of Diversity Invasion
Rogue Kavu Invasion
Samite Ministration Invasion
Forcemage Advocate Judgment
Lava Dart Judgment
Nullmage Advocate Judgment
Totem Speaker Legions
Wirewood Hivemaster Legions
Defender of the Order Legions
Shifting Sliver Legions
Tel-Jilad Stylus Mirrodin
Fangren Hunter Mirrodin
One Dozen Eyes Mirrodin
Leonin Abunas Mirrodin
Bonesplitter Mirrodin
Kor Haven Nemesis
Beloved Chaplain Odyssey
Cease-Fire Odyssey
Immobilizing Ink Odyssey
Price of Glory Odyssey
Everglove Courier Onslaught
Elven Riders Onslaught
Pinpoint Avalanche Onslaught
Disruptive Pitmage Onslaught
Rorix Bladewing Onslaught
Multani’s Harmony Planeshift
Citadel of Pain Prophecy
Alpha Status Scourge
Dragon Scales Scourge
Dragon Wings Scourge
Ambush Commander Scourge
Disrupting Scepter Seventh Edition
Circle of Protection: White Seventh Edition
Evacuation Seventh Edition
Legions Goblin Token Magic Player Rewards Token
Nantuko Cultivator Torment
Far Wanderings Torment
Nostalgic Dreams Torment

After graduating from the University of Kansas in 1986 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Darrell moved to the northwest with his wife Brandy, and set his sights on painting in the fine art arena. He is influenced by the Wyeths, Vickrey, and his favorite 19th Century master, Bouguereau. His focus was diverted several times over the next few years, which included the birth of two sons, Matt and Dylan. Though fine art was his love, and many of his paintings are in corporate and private collections, he always had an alter-personality that enjoyed drawing science fiction/fantasy creatures and characters. While working for 10 years at a manufacturing plant, he spent his breaks drawing and honing his skills preparing for his leap into illustration. His first opportunity came in 1999 when a fellow artist referred him to an art director at Wizards of the Coast. Darrell finally showed the collection of concepts that were developed over those years to someone who would put his imagination to use. This opportunity eventually grew to include work for Magic: The Gathering, Warner Bros (Harry Potter), Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon Magazine, and LucasArts. Today, Darrell still lives in the Northwest with his family and continues to learn and strive to develop his potential as an artist.

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