2004 Pro Tour Seattle Artist: Pete Venters

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Pete Venters' Cards
Card Name Card Set
Royal Decree Alliances
Lake of the Dead Alliances
Heart of Yavimaya Alliances
Feast or Famine Alliances
Feast or Famine Alliances
Wandering Mage Alliances
Omen of Fire Alliances
Phyrexian Portal Alliances
Mightstone Antiquities
Orcish Mechanics Antiquities
Sage of Lat-Nam Antiquities
Gaea’s Avenger Antiquities
Circle of Protection: Artifacts Antiquities
Smash Apocalypse
Phyrexian Arena Apocalypse
Tahngarth’s Glare Apocalypse
Pestilence Urza's Saga
Maniacal Rage Exodus
Sadistic Glee Tempest
Windfall Urza's Saga
Coercion Tempest
Purge Darksteel
Tanglewalker Darksteel
Tears of Rage Darksteel
Scrounge Darksteel
Krark-Clan Stoker Darksteel
Vulshok War Boar Darksteel
Lhurgoyf Eighth Edition
Tremor Portal Second Age, Sixth Edition, Eighth Edition
Survival of the Fittest Exodus
Pandemonium Exodus
Slaughter Exodus
Elvish Scout Fallen Empires
Orcish Spy Fallen Empires
Merseine Fallen Empires
Armor Thrull Fallen Empires
Elven Fortress Fallen Empires
Icatian Lieutenant Fallen Empires
Thelon’s Curse Fallen Empires
Desecration Elemental Fifth Dawn
Ebon Drake Fifth Dawn
Leonin Squire Fifth Dawn
Krark-Clan Engineers Fifth Dawn
Raksha Golden Cub Fifth Dawn
Mons’s Goblin Raiders Fifth Edition
Force of Nature Fifth Edition
Lhurgoyf Ice Age, Fifth Edition
Homarid Warrior Fifth Edition
Serra Paladin Fifth Edition
Brainwash The Dark, Fourth Edition
Blight Legends, Fourth Edition
Castle Sengir Homelands
Baron Sengir Homelands
Irini Sengir Homelands
Grandmother Sengir Homelands
Serra Paladin Homelands
Circle of Protection: Blue Ice Age
Circle of Protection: Red Ice Age
Spoils of War Ice Age
Storm Spirit Ice Age
Songs of the Damned Ice Age
Wall of Lava Ice Age
Crosis, the Purger Invasion
Holy Day Invasion
Reviving Vapors Invasion
Aura Mutation Invasion
Dueling Grounds Invasion
Skittish Kavu Invasion
Laquatus’s Disdain Judgment
Spelljack Judgment
Ancestor’s Chosen Judgment
Sylvan Safekeeper Judgment
Cabal Trainee Judgment
The Abyss Legends
Wall of Shadows Legends
Hellfire Legends
Touch of Darkness Legends
Defiant Elf Legions
Skirk Marauder Legions
Ward Sliver Legions
Spectral Sliver Legions
Seismic Mage Mercadian Masques
Rampart Crawler Mercadian Masques
Cavern Crawler Mercadian Masques
Saprazzan Breaker Mercadian Masques
Extortion Mercadian Masques
Righteous Aura Mercadian Masques
Ferocity Mercadian Masques
Uphill Battle Mercadian Masques
Natural Affinity Mercadian Masques
Glowing Anemone Mercadian Masques
Mercadia’s Downfall Mercadian Masques
Shauku, Endbringer Mirage
Afterlife Mirage
Prismatic Circle Mirage
Talruum Minotaur Mirage
Phyrexian Dreadnought Mirage
Gate to the Æther Mirrodin
Fists of the Anvil Mirrodin
Vulshok Berserker Mirrodin
Megatog Mirrodin
Wrench Mind Mirrodin
Skyhunter Cub Mirrodin
Pale Moon Nemesis
Moggcatcher Nemesis
Massacre Nemesis
Defiant Vanguard Nemesis
Zombie Assassin Odyssey
Syncopate Odyssey
Coffin Purge Odyssey
Kirtar’s Desire Odyssey
Painbringer Odyssey
Nomad Decoy Odyssey
Voice of the Woods Onslaught
Swamp Onslaught
Cabal Slaver Onslaught
Embermage Goblin Onslaught
Boneknitter Onslaught
Searing Flesh Onslaught
Cabal Archon Onslaught
Backslide Onslaught
Planeswalker’s Mischief Planeshift
Flametongue Kavu Planeshift
Path of Peace Portal
Raging Goblin Portal
Goblin Bully Portal
Hulking Goblin Portal
Raiding Nightstalker Portal Second Age
Rhystic Deluge Prophecy
Endbringer’s Revel Prophecy
Heightened Awareness Prophecy
Rocket Launcher Limited, Unlimited, and Revised Editions
Putrid Raptor Scourge
Goblin War Strike Scourge
Pyrostatic Pillar Scourge
Spark Spray Scourge
Goblin Psychopath Scourge
Tendrils of Agony Scourge
Nocturnal Raid Seventh Edition
Infernal Contract Seventh Edition
Maro Seventh Edition
Razorfoot Griffin Seventh Edition
Duress Seventh Edition
Iron Star Seventh Edition
Time Warp Tempest
Tidings Starter 1999
Goblin Glider Portal Second Age, Starter 1999
Goblin Chariot Starter 1999
Goblin Hero Fifth Edition, Sixth Edition
Hero’s Resolve Tempest, Sixth Edition
Mogg Infestation Stronghold
Crovax the Cursed Stronghold
Hesitation Stronghold
Ensnaring Bridge Stronghold
Lancers en-Kor Stronghold
Sift Stronghold
Invasion Plans Stronghold
Mogg Conscripts Tempest
Reckless Spite Tempest
Giant Strength Tempest
Carrionette Tempest
Cleansing The Dark
Erosion The Dark
Mirrodin Demon Token Magic Player Rewards Token
Dawn of the Dead Torment
Cabal Torturer Torment
Pardic Collaborator Torment
Cephalid Illusionist Torment
Æther Sting Urza’s Destiny
Rofellos’s Gift Urza’s Destiny
Apprentice Necromancer Urza’s Destiny
Urza’s Incubator Urza’s Destiny
Impending Disaster Urza’s Legacy
Sluggishness Urza’s Legacy
Radiant’s Dragoons Urza’s Legacy
Blessed Reversal Urza’s Legacy
Thran War Machine Urza’s Legacy
Archivist Urza’s Legacy
Simian Grunts Urza’s Legacy
Greater Good Urza’s Saga
Phyrexian Ghoul Urza’s Saga
Oppression Urza’s Saga
Befoul Urza’s Saga
Tahngarth Vanguard
Talruum Piper Visions
Necromancy Visions
Talruum Champion Visions
Firestorm Hellkite Visions
Ogre Enforcer Visions
Dwarven Vigilantes Visions
Debt of Loyalty Weatherlight
Desperate Gambit Weatherlight
Llanowar Druid Weatherlight
Benalish Missionary Weatherlight
Vitalize Weatherlight
Orcish Settlers Weatherlight
Shadow Rider Weatherlight
Goblin Bowling Team Unglued
Goblin Token Unglued
Jumbo Imp Unglued
Spark Fiend Unglued

Pete Venters is into his 11th year of painting Magic cards; he started with Antiquities and has managed to contribute to every set since (except Three Kingdoms). Pete counts himself very lucky to currently have created the most artwork in Magic by a single artist—211 pieces with the release of Fifth Dawn (213 if you include Vanguard)! Some of Pete's best known pieces include The Abyss, Baron Sengir, Phyrexian Dreadnought, Lake of the Dead, Lhurgoyf, Flametongue Kavu and Phyrexian Arena. Recent additions that Pete's especially proud of include Tanglewalker, Raksha Golden Cub and the truly vile-looking Desecration Elemental.

Pete is a regular poster in the Art & Artist Forums on Wizards' own Magic: The Gathering Boards. Occasionally he posts sets of sketches to show the development of some cards from initial idea to final painting. Currently, Pete is working on the Kamigawa Block but what he's really looking forward to is the release of Unhinged which includes, in his words, "One of the most excessive, over-the-top images I've ever done for Magic."

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