2004 Pro Tour Seattle Artist: Brian Snoddy

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Brian Snoddy's Cards
Card Name Card Set
Helm of Obedience Alliances
Fevered Strength Alliances
Fevered Strength Alliances
Raging Goblin Exodus
Mogg Raider Tempest
Overgrown Estate Apocalypse
Evasive Action Apocalypse
Vindicate Apocalypse
Army of Allah Arabian Nights
Jihad Arabian Nights
Diamond Valley Arabian Nights
Sonic Burst Exodus
Land’s Edge Legends, Chronicles
Enchantment Alteration Legends, Chronicles
Remove Soul Legends, Chronicles
Recall Legends, Chronicles, Sixth Edition
Dry Spell Homelands, Sixth Edition
Dismantle Darksteel
Vex Darksteel
Blinkmoth Nexus Darksteel
Drooling Ogre Darksteel
Urza’s Power Plant Eighth Edition
Mindless Automaton Exodus
Granulate Fifth Dawn
Giant Spider Fifth Edition
Imposing Visage Fifth Edition
Wall of Swords Fifth Edition, Sixth Edition
Disenchant Ice Age, Fifth Edition, Sixth Edition
Backfire Legends, Fourth Edition
Sandstorm Arabian Nights, Fourth Edition
Oasis Arabian Nights, Fourth Edition
An-Havva Inn Homelands
Dry Spell Homelands
Avalanche Ice Age
Battle Frenzy Ice Age
Gangrenous Zombies Ice Age
Drift of the Dead Ice Age
Chaos Lord Ice Age
Wall of Pine Needles Ice Age
Mudslide Ice Age
Phantom Tiger Judgment
Land Tax Legends
Subdue Legends
Wall of Caltrops Legends
Wood Elemental Legends
Gravity Sphere Legends
Remove Enchantments Legends
Backdraft Legends
Boomerang Legends
Feint Legends
In the Eye of Chaos Legends
Lavaborn Muse Legions
Lowland Tracker Legions
Afterlife Mercadian Masques
Hunted Wumpus Mercadian Masques
Sizzle Mercadian Masques
Magistrate’s Veto Mercadian Masques
Spitting Earth Mirage
Tidal Wave Mirage
Meddle Mirage
Rustmouth Ogre Mirrodin
Lightning Coils Mirrodin
Annul Mirrodin
Chromatic Sphere Mirrodin
Kill Switch Nemesis
Otarian Juggernaut Odyssey
Bog Wreckage Odyssey
Junk Golem Odyssey
Meddle Onslaught
Dawning Purist Onslaught
Catapult Squad Onslaught
Daru Lancer Onslaught
Stratadon Planeshift
Hull Breach Planeshift
Windscouter Prophecy
Bog Glider Prophecy
Psychic Venom Limited, Unlimited, Revised, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Editions
Temple of the False God Scourge
Carrion Feeder Scourge
Exiled Doomsayer Scourge
Chill Haunting Scourge
Aven Liberator Scourge
Heavy Ballista Seventh Edition
Phyrexian Hulk Seventh Edition
Arcane Laboratory Seventh Edition
Mogg Maniac Stronghold
Craven Giant Stronghold
Skeleton Scavengers Stronghold
Primal Rage Stronghold
Bounty Hunter Tempest
Goblin Bombardment Tempest
Servant of Volrath Tempest
Corpse Dance Tempest
Invulnerability Tempest
Zombie Trailblazer Torment
Nantuko Shade Torment
Air Elemental Unlimited Edition
Spell Blast Limited, Unlimited, Revised, and Fourth Editions
Volcanic Island Limited, Unlimited, and Revised Editions
Dying Wail Urza’s Destiny
Carnival of Souls Urza’s Destiny
Tethered Skirge Urza’s Legacy
Rivalry Urza’s Legacy
Intrepid Hero Urza’s Saga
Exploration Urza’s Saga
Thran Turbine Urza’s Saga
Bulwark Urza’s Saga
Heat Ray Urza’s Saga
Pit Trap Urza’s Saga
Power Taint Urza’s Saga

Brian Snoddy has been painting Magic cards since the beginning and has enjoyed every second of it. Most noted for his battle scenes and goblin carnage, Brian has painted over a hundred cards with a wide range of subject matter. Still painting Magic cards today, Brian is also co founder of Privateer Press, Inc., which produces the spectacular miniatures game Warmachine. When not working, Brian is usually wandering around with his ever-present cigars.

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