Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour
2004 Pro Tour–Seattle

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This information will help you to prepare now to attend July 9th – July 11th , 2004.

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 Tournament Location

Washington State Convention & Trade Center
800 Convention Place, Hall E
Seattle, WA 98101-2350
Phone: (206) 694-5000
FAX (206) 694-5399

 Hotel Website Information

 Mandatory Registration

Player registration will occur at the tournament site from 4:00–8:00 P.M. on Thursday, July 8th, 2004.

The ENTIRE TEAM (pro point teams or pre-qualified) is required register together, in person.

Players must have a signed waiver and consent form to compete at Pro Tour–Seattle. Forms can be downloaded at and will be available onsite. Minors must have a parent or guardian’s signature on these forms. Participants of Pro Tours in the current season do not need to fill this form out again this season. Please keep the DCI updated with your current contact information at

The following form is required from all participants during registration, regardless of prior receipt.

Each team is required to present a team registration form.

At registration, all participants must present one of the following forms of identification:

  • a driver’s license, or
  • a passport, or
  • a copy of their birth certificates and photo IDs (school IDs are acceptable).

If you anticipate any difficulty registering during the official registration hours, please contact Andy Heckt at (425) 254-2941 or


Day 1 Format

  • Team Sealed Deck (60 minute deck construction)
  • 2 Mirrodin tournament packs, 2 Darksteel boosters, and 2 Fifth Dawn boosters with which to build three, 40-card minimum decks
  • Competition will consist of 6 rounds on Friday, with new decks constructed every two rounds

Day 2 Format

  • Team Rochester Draft
  • 1 Mirrodin, 1 Darksteel, and 1 Fifth Dawn boosters will be used for drafting
  • All teams must designate an A, B, and C player. The B player sits in the middle during the draft. The A player sits to right of the B player, and the C player sits to the left of the B player during the draft.
  • Team Rochester Drafts always start with the B player. Teams randomly determine which team gets to decide who gets to choose which team begins the draft.
  • Competition will consist of 5 rounds on Saturday, with a new draft each round
  • Check for Team Rochester Draft Rules

Round Length

  • 55 minute rounds, 11 Swiss rounds total + Top 4 single-elimination finals
  • When time is called, the active player finishes the turn and five additional turns are taken
  • Stalling or slow play will not be tolerated and will result in serious penalties.


  • All Teams participate in the 6-round Sealed Deck portion of Friday’s competition
  • Teams with 12 points or more will advance from Friday to Saturday
  • The top 4 teams after round 11 will advance to Sunday’s top 4 single-elimination finals

Top 4

  • Team Rochester Draft (as day 2 above)
  • There will be a semi-final and a final Rochester Draft
  • In the semi-finals, the first seeded Team will play the fourth seeded Team and the second seeded Team will play the third seeded Team


  • Players are responsible for knowing all DCI rules and high-level tournament rules
  • Players must bring pen, paper, card sleeves and appropriate counters


Friday, July 9

8:45 AM Seating for players meeting posted
9:00 AM Mandatory Player meeting begins
9:15 AM First deck construction begins, followed by rounds 1-2
Second deck construction, followed by rounds 3-4
Third deck construction, followed by rounds 5-6

Saturday, July 10

8:45 AM Seating for players meeting posted
9:00 AM First Team Rochester Draft begins, followed by round 7
Second Team Rochester Draft begins, followed by round 8
Third Team Rochester Draft begins, followed by round 9
Fourth Team Rochester Draft begins, followed by round 10
Fifth Team Rochester Draft begins, followed by round 11

Sunday, July 11

8:00 AM The Top 4 teams check in at the feature match area
9:00 AM Semifinal Team Rochester draft begins, followed by Semi-final match play
Final Team Rochester draft begins, followed by Final match play

 Prize Payout

Place Prize Place Prize Place Prize Place Prize Place Prize
1 $60,000 5 $12,600 9 $6,000 13 $3,300 17 $2,100
2 $30,000 6 $10,500 10 $5,100 14 $3,000 18 $1,800
3 $18,000 7 $8,700 11 $4,200 15 $2,700 19 $1,500
4 $16,200 8 $7,200 12 $3,600 16 $2,400 20 $1,200
Total: $200,100

 Artist Appearances

Martina Pilcerova, Anthony Waters, rk Post, Darrell Riche, Rob Alexander, Pete Venters, Brian Snoddy, and Sam Wood.

 Side Event Schedule

Thursday July 8

Time Event # Cost Event Title
5:00 P.M. 101 $75/team Pro Tour–Seattle “Last Chance” Qualifier
Team Mirrodin Sealed. Top 2 finishing teams gain entry to Pro Tour-Seattle on Friday. Registration begins at 4:00 P.M., play begins at 5:00 P.M.

Friday July 9

In order for events to begin on time, please arrive fifteen minutes before the scheduled starting time. Unless otherwise noted, scheduled events offer a prize pool of 2 boosters per player. Events with 29 players or less pay to top 4, and 30 or more pay to top 8. Qualifier Tournaments offer a prize pool of 3 boosters per player, paying to at least the top 8.

Time Event # Cost Event Title
12:00 P.M. 201 $5 Standard Tournament
Constructed Tournament using the Standard-format rules.
1:00 P.M. 202 $20 Mirrodin TM Block Limited Tournament
Sealed Deck Tournament with one Mirrodin tournament pack, one Darksteel booster, and one Fifth Dawn booster per player.
3:00 P.M. 203 $5 Extended Tournament
Constructed Tournament using the Extended-format rules.
4:00 P.M. 204 $20 Mirrodin Block Limited Tournament
Sealed Deck Tournament with one Mirrodin tournament pack, one Darksteel booster, and one Fifth Dawn booster per player.
5:00 P.M. 205 $20 Pro Tour–Columbus Qualifier
Mirrodin Block Constructed with single-elimination Top 8. Winner receives $250 and an invitation to Pro Tour–Columbus. Registration begins at 5:00 P.M., play begins at 6:00 P.M.

Saturday July 10

In order for events to begin on time, please arrive fifteen minutes before the scheduled starting time. Unless otherwise noted, scheduled events offer a prize pool of 2 boosters per player. Events with 29 players or less pay to top 4, and 30 or more pay to top 8. Qualifier Tournaments offer a prize pool of 3 boosters per player, paying to at least the top 8.

Time Event # Cost Event Title
11:00 A.M. 301 $20 Mirrodin Block Limited Tournament
Sealed Deck Tournament with one Mirrodin tournament pack, one Darksteel booster, and one Fifth Dawn booster per player.
12:00 P.M. 302 $20 Pro Tour–Columbus Qualifier
Mirrodin Block Constructed with single-elimination Top 8. Winner receives $250 and an invitation to Pro Tour–Columbus. Registration begins at 11:00 A.M., play begins at 12:00 P.M.
2:00 P.M. 303 $20 Northwest Limited Challenge (Sponsored by CardHaus)
Sealed Deck Tournament with one Mirrodin tournament pack, one Darksteel booster, and one Fifth Dawn booster per player. Limited to residents of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or British Columbia. Winner receives paid air travel to the 2004 World Championship in San Francisco.
3:00 P.M. 304 $5 Vintage (Type 1) Tournament
Constructed Tournament using the Vintage (Type 1)-format rules.
4:00 P.M. 305 $20 Amateur-Only Mirrodin Block Limited Tournament
Sealed Deck Tournament with one Mirrodin tournament pack, one Darksteel booster, and one Fifth Dawn booster per player. Limited to players with zero lifetime pro points.
5:00 P.M. 306 $15 Grand Prix–New Jersey Trial
Mirrodin Block Constructed Format with single-elimination top 8. Winner receives a three-round bye at Grand Prix–New Jersey August 14-15. Registration begins at 4:00 P.M., play begins at 5:00 P.M.
9:00 P.M. 308 Free Question Mark Trivia Game Show
Bring a team of up to 3 players and compete in Magic trivia with your host, Mark Rosewater. Lots of prizes including boosters, card sleeves, and dice!

Sunday July 11

In order for events to begin on time, please arrive fifteen minutes before the scheduled starting time. Unless otherwise noted, scheduled events offer a prize pool of 2 boosters per player. Events with 29 players or less pay to top 4, and 30 or more pay to top 8. Qualifier Tournaments offer a prize pool of 3 boosters per player, paying to at least the top 8.

Time Event # Cost Event Title
11:00 A.M. 401 $20 Mirrodin Block Limited Tournament
Sealed Deck Tournament with one Mirrodin tournament pack, one Darksteel booster, and one Fifth Dawn booster per player.
12:00 P.M 402 $15 Grand Prix–Austin Trial
Mirrodin Sealed Deck format with single-elimination top 8. Winner receives a three-round bye at Grand Prix–Austin October 9-10. Registration begins at 11:00 A.M., play begins at 12:00 P.M.
1:00 P.M. 403 $5 The Seattle Open (Sponsored by Queen’s Domain)
Constructed Tournament using the Standard-format rules. Free to any player from Washington State (must have driver’s license or photo ID to prove residency). First place recieves a Fifth Dawn booster display; second receives 18 packs of Mirrodin; third and fourth receive 9 packs of Mirrodin.
2:00 P.M. 404 $20 Mirrodin Block Limited Tournament
Sealed Deck Tournament with one Mirrodin tournament pack, one Darksteel booster, and one Fifth Dawn booster per player.
2:00 P.M. 405 $5 The Femvitational (Sponsored by Academy Games)
Constructed Tournament open to females only using the Standard-format rules. 1st place receives a display of Darksteel plus possible sponsorship at a Pro Tour (see Academy Games for details).

Note: All events follow the Swiss pairings structure unless otherwise indicated.

8-person Single-Elimination Events

The following Magic: The Gathering® tournaments will be added as requested (subject to space and judge availability). Winners receive 8 boosters for first place, and 4 for second.

Format Cost
Standard $5
Extended $5
English-language Draft $15
Non-English Draft $18
Mirrodin Sealed Deck $20

All events will be single elimination and DCITM sanctioned. Start times and formats of tournaments are subject to change.

All trademarks are property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. ©2004 Wizards.

Invitation Criteria

  • Any team of three players with a combination of at least 50 pro points as of the most recent pro standing preceding the Pro Tour event (PT San Diego). Teams formed in this manner must be announced at player registration before the tournament.
  • The Top 4 finishing teams (who were previously uninvited) of each Grand Prix tournament that feeds the appropriate Pro Tour event (GP D.C & GP Bochum)
  • Teams (who were previously uninvited) who earn invitations through appropriate Qualifier tournaments.
  • Any team with a DCI three-person Limited rating of 1750 or more as of the May 26th, 2004 ratings publish.

 Player Contact

Andy Heckt
Wizards of the Coast
DCI Network Manager
Fax 425-687-8259

 Pro Tour Seattle Invitation List

Each team-format Pro Tour invitation list comprises the following:

  • Any team of three players with a combination of at least 50 pro points as of the PT San Diego 2004 pro standing. Teams formed in this manner must be announced at player registration before the tournament.
  • The Top 4 finishing teams (who were previously uninvited) of each Grand Prix tournament that feeds the appropriate Pro Tour event.
  • Teams (who were previously uninvited) who earn invitations through appropriate Qualifier tournaments.
  • Any team with a DCI three-person Limited rating of 1750 or more as of the Ratings publish on May 26th, 2004

Renouncing Invitations
Invitations to individual-format Pro Tour events may not be renounced.

During a tournament that grants invitations to a team-format Pro Tour event, teams may renounce an invitation they gain from the event. The only time a team invitation may be renounced is at the event where the invitation is earned. Invitations may be renounced any time from the start of the event until five minutes after the end of the final of the tournament. Any one member of the team may renounce the entire team’s invitation by signing the appropriate form, which is available from the head judge. If a team rescinds its invitation, the invitation will pass down to the next appropriate team.

A team is considered to already possess an invitation if the players on the team participating at a team-format Grand Prix or Qualifier event have a total of 50 or more pro points toward the pro standing immediately preceding the Pro Tour event that the Grand Prix or Qualifier tournament feeds. Teams may have also earned invitations through previous Grand Prix or Qualifier tournaments.

This list reflects reported match results. Results from rescinsions may not always be received at the same time as match results, and thus this list may change. If you believe this list is in error please contact Andy Heckt (

Updated June 30

$mir 2TobiasHenkeEssenTiel
$Mir 2MarkusMageraDuisburgTiel
$Mir 2AlexanderJerschGelsenkirchenTiel
(3 x 1) -1 +1MichaelLongBoston1838
(3 x 1) -1 +1JustinSchneiderBoston1838
(3 x 1) -1 +1MichaelKrzywickiBoston1838
:BTimAtenVermilionGP DC
:BJohnPelcakEden PrairieGP DC
:BGadielSzleiferHomewoodGP DC
1nzAlexanderSacalMexico CityMexico
1nzJulianBrown-santirsoAmberley, CanterburyMexico
1nzLuisRamosUnidad Lomas de PlaterosMexico
369 a packChrisWoltereckRoanokeGP DC
369 a packChristopherSootsDurhamGP DC
369 a packMichaelZaunBlacksburgGP DC
A Little Too SickKyleRoseChester1820
A Little Too SickEricFroehlichChester1820
A Little Too SickKamielCornelissenChester1820
A TorreVictorGalimberttiSao PauloSão Caetano do Sul
A TorreCarlosRomãoSão PauloSão Caetano do Sul
A TorreAndreBarretoSao PauloSão Caetano do Sul
A.R.C. LightningReiChungHsinchuTaipei City
A.R.C. LightningAdawYenHsinchuTaipei City
A.R.C. LightningShen-mingTsaiKaohsiungTaipei City
Absolute SamuelsPatrickJansenNuernberg1753
Absolute SamuelsDemirSejdiuNuernberg1753
Absolute SamuelsDanielSteinsdörferNuernberg1753
AcidulantesJavierDominguezPalau-solità i plegamans (Barcelona)Madrid
All-in No OutsMarkWraithCambridgeLondon
All-in No OutsQuentinMartinExeterLondon
All-in No OutsJonnyChapmanNottinghamLondon
Alpha ScrubRichardCheesmanPretoriaBloemfontein
Alpha ScrubWernerCloetePretoriaBloemfontein
Alpha ScrubCoenraadPrinslooPretoriaBloemfontein
Anti KiseTsuyoshiDoyamaHabikino-shiOsaka-shi
Anti KiseTakayukiNagaokaHirakata-shiOsaka-shi
Anti KiseKiyotomoKageyamadaito-shiOsaka-shi
Attack TimeThomasGuevinUnavailable1796
Attack TimePeterGuevinUnavailable1796
Attack TimeDanielMandelUnavailable1796
Ayumi GundanOsamuFujitaBoston1816
Ayumi GundanTakayukiNagaokaBoston1816
Ayumi GundanMasayukiHigashinoBoston1816
BamfNigelHigdonHarrison TownshipGarden City
BamfMichaelJacobFarmington HillsGarden City
Bamf!ChrisPiekarskiIndianapolisGarden City
Bcd AlbertusLawSingaporeKuala Lumpur
Bcd Ding YuenLeongSingaporeKuala Lumpur
Bcd ChangChuaSingaporeKuala Lumpur
Bipolar Bears CharlesTorataniHonoluluHonolulu
Bipolar Bears DaneYoungHonoluluHonolulu
Bipolar Bears MattDunnHonoluluHonolulu
Blue Screen Of DeathBraulioRiveraSan JuanToa Baja
Blue Screen Of DeathJosePabonGuaynaboToa Baja
Blue Screen Of DeathRicardoBerriosGuaynaboToa Baja
Blunt Force TraumaTimDanzigerTulsaLittle Rock
Blunt Force TraumaKevinBenefieldBentonLittle Rock
Blunt Force TraumaPaulPakisLittle RockLittle Rock
Body Shou Zheng YanYangGuangzhouGuangzhou
Body Shou ZhijunMaGuangzhouGuangzhou
Body Shou XiaoLiGuangzhouGuangzhou
Bold Calimero SistersFelipeSaavedraVienaUnv
Bold Calimero SistersThomasPreyerViennaUnv
Bold Calimero SistersStefanBenediktViennaUnv
Brza Kombo KontrolaSashaZorcZagrebZagreb
Brza Kombo KontrolaOgnjenCividiniZagrebZagreb
Brza Kombo KontrolaGrgurPetric MareticZagrebZagreb
Cala-te BarrachaRubenCaetanoFusetaLisboa
Cala-te BarrachaJoaoBarrachaLouléLisboa
Cala-te BarrachaArturMunhozVila Real de Santo AntonioLisboa
Courtney's BoysJ GaryWiseVenice1857
Courtney's BoysRobertMaherVenice1857
Courtney's BoysNeilReevesVenice1857
Cracker BarrelAaronMuranakaSalt Lake City1755
Cracker BarrelSammyBatarsehSalt Lake City1755
Cracker BarrelAustinFaruzziSalt Lake City1755
Crazy with the Cheese Whiz LarryLaclaireHadleyWashington
Crazy with the Cheese Whiz GregSchwartzHadleyWashington
Crazy with the Cheese Whiz ZachBouriciusAmherstWashington
Cult of the BeardGeirBakkePrestfossOslo
Cult of the BeardThomasGundersenTrondheimOslo
Cult of the BeardTarjeiKvaloTrondheimOslo
Dark Side of the MoonBrianLynchUnavailable1762
Dark Side of the MoonBenHalprenUnavailable1762
Dark Side of the MoonRaymondTauticUnavailable1762
De EendjesWesselOomensTaipei1821
De EendjesAlexanderWittTaipei1821
De EendjesJeroenRemieTaipei1821
Death DronesAdamUrbanWarsawKatowice
Death DronesDavyLoebWegrowKatowice
Death DronesMarcinZalewskiBialystokKatowice
Demented MustardAndrewWolfChantilly1753
Demented MustardRandyEllisChantilly1753
Demented MustardBrooksRhodesChantilly1753
Die GedankenversklaversRoelHeeswijkUtrechtGP Bochum
Die GedankenversklaversJasperDe JongEnschedeGP Bochum
Die GedankenversklaversJulienNuijtenAmsterdamGP Bochum
Disciples of WeshFredericCourtoisBoston1787
Disciples of WeshAlexandreRiviereBoston1787
Disciples of WeshJoseBarberoBoston1787
Do you wish 2 ConcedeZekeVan KalkerAdelaideAdelaide
Do you wish 2 ConcedeBarrieCollisAdelaideAdelaide
Do you wish 2 ConcedeJarrodScrivenWoodsideAdelaide
Down Under Back StabersRicardodel CastilloSanto DomingoSanto Domingo
Down Under Back StabersJulioCabreraCoral GablesSanto Domingo
Down Under Back StabersHugoCruzsanto domingoSanto Domingo
Draften Und SpielenStephanValkyserUnavailable1785
Draften Und SpielenChristianLührsUnavailable1785
Draften Und SpielenPatrickMelloUnavailable1785
Dragonkind JorgeMelgarLimaLima
Dragonkind RonieBarriosLimaLima
Dragonkind JavierWongLimaLima
DragonQuest GuillaumeDaoustMontrealMontreal
DragonQuest GuillaumeCardinMontrealMontreal
Drei Engel fuer CharlieMarkZiegnerBoston1761
Drei Engel fuer CharlieMarkusJoebstlBoston1761
Drei Engel fuer CharlieChristophLippertBoston1761
DynastyBrianHackerSan Francisco1789
DynastyBenRubinSan Francisco1789
DynastyGabrielTsangSan Francisco1789
Evil Robot UssesRichardBoyesPortland1759
Evil Robot UssesDanielDiamantPortland1759
Evil Robot UssesChristianRobertsenPortland1759
F4/Spiral TapDominicOrtegaMakatiQuezon City
F4/Spiral TapMichael TomBatacQ.c.Quezon City
F4/Spiral TapUsonPerry WinstonManilaQuezon City
Family Games CenterDougTiceUnavailable1751
Family Games CenterNeilReevesUnavailable1751
Family Games CenterSceadeauD'TelaUnavailable1751
Fearless HurlooniesKamielCornelissenTiel1782
Fearless HurlooniesJesseCornelissenTiel1782
Fearless HurlooniesStijnCornelissenTiel1782
Freestyle for Rebel SoulsJoseph MarcSans-CarmonaCastellas del VallasBarcelona
Freestyle for Rebel SoulsDavidSierra Mu-ozGava'Barcelona
Freestyle for Rebel SoulsAlbertVegaTerrassaBarcelona
French ConnexionLoicDegrouChapelle D ArmentieresBuxerolles
French ConnexionKevinDesprezLilleBuxerolles
French ConnexionAlexandrePesetharnesBuxerolles
Fünf gegen Willi WenzelKrautmannSchwaigernSalzburg
Fünf gegen Willi BenjaminDobryNeuffenSalzburg
Fünf gegen Willi AndreasSanderRavensburgSalzburg
Gallop's Comics & GamesBradDenmarkGainesvilleOrlando
Gallop's Comics & GamesBryanMcGrawStatesboroOrlando
Gallop's Comics & GamesKanonPageAdrianOrlando
Gallop's Comics & GamesBradDenmarkLakeland1756
Gallop's Comics & GamesBryanMcGrawLakeland1756
Gallop's Comics & GamesKanonPageLakeland1756
Get the DonkeysVictorvan den BroekDortmund1753
Get the DonkeysjorrythoofDortmund1753
Get the DonkeysthijswesselsDortmund1753
gg?Tam WingLokHong KongHong Kong
gg?Cheuk YinLiHong KongHong Kong
gg?ThomasJimHong KongHong Kong
Hong To The Left HongTanChandlerPhoenix
Hong To The Left AnthonyAvitolloPhiladelphiaPhoenix
Hong To The Left OwenDavisChandlerPhoenix
How TeamfulCraigCurtisChantilly1752
How TeamfulErikSwansonChantilly1752
How TeamfulJoeGagliardiChantilly1752
I Blame BungJeremyElgarBoston1796
I Blame BungAdamHurdBoston1796
I Blame BungNickPageBoston1796
I Thought You QuitJeffreyMagidBoston1821
I Thought You QuitDanielMandelBoston1821
I Thought You QuitJacobRabinowitzBoston1821
Icy Hot StunnasjasonmarksUnavailable1756
Icy Hot StunnasJohnMarksUnavailable1756
Icy Hot StunnasAaronBreiderUnavailable1756
idiot high flushNicholasTaylorStirlingEdinburgh
idiot high flushRichardMooreTiptreeEdinburgh
idiot high flushJonathanIsaacsDundeeEdinburgh
Karl HungusWilliamAthertonOakland1752
Karl HungusBrianFosterOakland1752
Karl HungusJamesOsborneOakland1752
Kooola killar JonnyWallinAngeredGöteborg
Kooola killar MorganKarlssonVästra FrölundaGöteborg
Kooola killar MikaelPolgaryGothenburgGöteborg
KsCelso Zampere JuniorZampereSao Paulo Sao Paulo
KsMichelShirozonoJundiaíSao Paulo
KsRicardoBarrosJundiaiSao Paulo
Les Plus ClassNicolasOlivieriUnavailable1861
Les Plus ClassamieltenenbaumUnavailable1861
Les Plus ClassGabrielNassifUnavailable1861
Les Tutus KakisGregoireSoubrieBuxerolles1753
Les Tutus KakisLaurentRaynaudBuxerolles1753
Les Tutus KakisBastienLoddoBuxerolles1753
Lightning MONKEY REDNorris Ming JerSongTaipei City1775
Lightning MONKEY REDMARCO Kwang-JuLiuTaipei City1775
Lightning MONKEY REDHomg GiTsaiTaipei City1775
Like a Redheaded Step ChildBrantFaulknerBelvidereSt. Louis
Like a Redheaded Step ChildValentinMoskovichUrbanaSt. Louis
Like a Redheaded Step ChildSeanMangnerFlorissantLoves Park
LNT AnthologyPhilippeMongauzeUnavailable1750
LNT AnthologyMarcHernandezUnavailable1750
LNT AnthologyNicolasLabarreUnavailable1750
lnt chouchenYannHamonParis1753
lnt chouchenVincentGuilleuxParis1753
lnt chouchenromualdballuaisParis1753
LNT Super Dario Bros.NicolasLabarreBoston1772
LNT Super Dario Bros.AntoineMenardBoston1772
LNT Super Dario Bros.DarioMinieriBoston1772
Ludipia BenjaminCaumesCussetLattes
Ludipia NicolasBornarelParisLattes
Ludipia PierreBaussaronLyonLattes
Mammoth TeikokuTaisukeIshiiChiba1752
Mammoth TeikokuMasayaNakamuraChiba1752
Mammoth TeikokuTomoyukiHonnamiChiba1752
Maquina de raspadosFranciscoBarbozaMexico City1798
Maquina de raspadosIvanCortesMexico City1798
Maquina de raspadosRodrigoRuizMexico City1798
Maquinas: (edited)!AlexanderSacalMexico CityGuadalajara
Maquinas: (edited)!GerardoGodinez EstradaNezahualcoyotlGuadalajara
Maquinas: (edited)!RodrigoRuizMexico CityGuadalajara
Masters of the UniverseRobbieChanChantilly1751
Masters of the UniverseJayTseChantilly1751
Masters of the UniverseAlexLeader-SmithChantilly1751
Men of LeisureMatthewLeClaireKetteringColumbus
Men of LeisureJoeVan SickleFranklinColumbus
Men of LeisureAndrewBenanzergreenvilleColumbus
Mir 2WenzelKrautmannSchwaigernGP Bochum
Mir 2TobiasHenkeEssenTiel
Mir 2AndreasSanderRavensburgGP Bochum
MirageSoon LyeNgSingapore1837
MK AAKouichirouMakiShinagawa-kuChiba-shi
MK AAAkiraAsaharaSagamihara-shiChiba-shi
MK AAAkihiroTakakuwamiyamae-kuChiba-shi
Mlmgb ScottHunstadLane CoveCanberra
Mlmgb EgidioDeGoisMarrickvilleCanberra
Mlmgb MingaWongSydneyCanberra
Moin MoinGunnarRefsdalHamburgDortmund
Moin MoinJimHeroldHamburgDortmund
Moin MoinDennisJohannsenHamburgDortmund
Moin MoinGunnarRefsdalDortmund1785
Moin MoinJimHeroldDortmund1785
Moin MoinDennisJohannsenDortmund1785
Money MakersFernandoDominguez RoldanXalapa, EnriquezMexico City
Money MakersAlfredoDomínguez RoldánXalapa, EnríquezMexico City
Money MakersEdgar Murguia LeivaMexico CityMexico City
Monkey DogBrookNorthNew York1798
Monkey DogBrianDavid-MarshallNew York1798
Monkey DogEricKesselmanNew York1798
Monster Rod DeuxJasonWebsterRobbinsdaleBloomington
Monster Rod DeuxDaleTaylorPlymouthBloomington
Monster Rod DeuxGerryThompsonElk RiverBloomington
Mr perfect YujiOotsuboAichi-kenNagoya-shi
Mr perfect KatsuyaUedaChita-gunNagoya-shi
Mr perfect ShougoItouTokoname-shiNagoya-shi
Mwonvuli Gang (SUI)MarioStegerKuntenOlten
Mwonvuli Gang (SUI)BenjaminNiedrigBerikonOlten
Mwonvuli Gang (SUI)JonatanNiedrigBerikonOlten
NankatutfcjYuusukeSasakiMinato-kuSan Diego
NankatutfcjNaoAtsutaItabashi-kuSan Diego
NankatutfcjTakuyaOosawaSagamihara-shiSan Diego
No Gatcha-pingKazufumiAbeSendai-shiSendai-shi
No Gatcha-pingHirotoWatanabeMiyagi-kenSendai-shi
No Gatcha-pingYuuSaitouSendai-shiSendai-shi
No LinksLucaChieraRomaBologna
No LinksAlessandroBettiBolognaBologna
No LinksGionataDal FarraBianzèBologna
No mas PinguinosJesusBernabeu-EdoEldaBarcelona
No mas PinguinosantoniorocavalenciaBarcelona
No mas PinguinosDavidGarcia CopeteAlicanteBarcelona
No NameTeoChiangSingaporeSingapore
No NameKiat CheongTanSingaporeSingapore
No NameAik SengKhooSingaporeSingapore
No YaburonSatoshiNakamuraSuginami-kuSendai
No YaburonTakashiNiwaNakano-kuSendai
No YaburonKentaSuzukiNakano-kuSendai
No.1 Ji-HoonLeeSeoulSeoul
No.1 Sang-ryeolLeeKyunggi-doSeoul
No.1 Wan-WooLeeSeoulSeoul
Norfolk and ChanceNeilRigbyOldham LancsAmsterdam
Norfolk and ChanceSteveBarltropWakefieldAmsterdam
Norfolk and ChanceMikeMajorLeedsAmsterdam
Npc AllstarLoicDegrouPantin1772
Npc AllstarAlexandrePesetPantin1772
Npc AllstarSylvainLehouxPantin1772
One Lucky WeekendMichaelFerraraDecaturDuluth
One Lucky WeekendGrantChristopherAthensDuluth
One Lucky WeekendJesseKilgoreSugar HillDuluth
Operation MiseMattLindeWashington1758
Operation MiseBrockParkerWashington1758
Operation MisePhilHardingWashington1758
Original SlackersJakeSmithBoston1856
Original SlackersLovreCrnoboriBoston1856
Original SlackersRickardOsterbergBoston1856
Outland 2OyvindOdegaardVenice1798
Outland 2EndreSkjetneVenice1798
Outland 2LovreCrnoboriVenice1798
Outta Left FieldWadeMarajBoston1765
Outta Left FieldScottMolaskyBoston1765
Outta Left FieldBretHerringBoston1765
Panda FoundationJean CharlesSalvinBoston1813
Panda FoundationPasqualeRuggieroBoston1813
Panda FoundationJairoLiquidanoBoston1813
Pants Pants Revolution JamesDavisRoswellAlbuquerque
Pants Pants Revolution AdamProsakAvondaleAlbuquerque
Pants Pants Revolution PhimusPanChandlerAlbuquerque
Panzer HunterItaruIshidaVenice1803
Panzer HunterKazuyukiMomoseVenice1803
Panzer HunterReijiAndoVenice1803
Panzer Hunters JoItaruIshidaTokyo1774
Panzer Hunters JoJinOkamotoTokyo1774
Panzer Hunters JoReijiAndoTokyo1774
Passion of the KenKenRussellBurkeRockville
Passion of the KenTimothyWuAlexandriaRockville
Passion of the KenMattGustafsonHerndonRockville
Paulistas RoxxCarlosRomãoSão PauloRio de Janeiro
Paulistas RoxxPedroMottaRio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro
Paulistas RoxxRafaelCoqueiroSão PauloRio de Janeiro
Phoenix FoundationDirkBaberowskiBochum1885
Phoenix FoundationKaiBuddeBochum1885
Phoenix FoundationMarcoBlumeBochum1885
Pocket Rockets JosephDerroKitchenerToronto
Pocket Rockets MatthewWoodWaterlooToronto
Pocket Rockets PaulRussellWaterlooToronto
Poor SharkMasashiroKurodaOsaka1804
Poor SharkMasahikoMoritaOsaka1804
Poor SharkTomomiOotsukaOsaka1804
Pub LifeJee HungSuSanmin ChiuTainan
Pub LifeJim TimLeeTainan
Pub LifeHuangLinKaohsiungTainan
Que Paresca Un AccidenteDanielLarenaLattes1779
Que Paresca Un AccidenteJean LevyNoualLattes1779
Que Paresca Un AccidenteManuelMartinezLattes1779
Quicksilver PicketPeterDanushevskeyMoscowMoscow
Quicksilver PicketAndreyOsipovMoscowMoscow
Quicksilver PicketNikolaiPotovinMoscowMoscow
Rain Forest Shu NuZhangShanghaiShanghai
Rain Forest GongDi HuiShanghaiShanghai
Rain Forest DingWeiShanghaiShanghai
Random ForiegnersSammyBatarsehSalt Lake City1759
Random ForiegnersTienTan (John)Salt Lake City1759
Random ForiegnersPatrickSelkSalt Lake City1759
Rankko Bongo WheshiwheshiCarlosRomãoAmsterdam1787
Rankko Bongo WheshiwheshiWilfriedRanqueAmsterdam1787
Rankko Bongo WheshiwheshiJoseBarberoAmsterdam1787
RIW HobbiesAndrewGravlinMichigan1750
RIW HobbiesTomWilloughbyMichigan1750
RIW HobbiesMarkHerberholzMichigan1750
Rolled-up AcesShawnKellerUnavailable1828
Rolled-up AcesThomasKellerUnavailable1828
Rolled-up AcesDanielCleggUnavailable1828
Rug DoctorsBenKellerstrassUnavailable1756
Rug DoctorsMattSeveraUnavailable1756
Rug DoctorsBobAllbrightUnavailable1756
Sad SunfishAndreyRybalchenkoKievKiev
Sad SunfishLevAnkudinovKyivKiev
Sad SunfishVictorZhubrzhitskyyKievKiev
SchietkoeTomvan de LogtTiel1831
Si Bandana Se Separa Nosotro DiegoOstrovichbuenos airesBuenos Aires
Si Bandana Se Separa Nosotro GabrielCaligarisBuenos AiresBuenos Aires
Si Bandana Se Separa Nosotro MatiasGabrenjaCapital FederalBuenos Aires
Simeon Inc. JamesThompsonSacramentoSF Bay Area
Simeon Inc. AdamLaneorangevaleSF Bay Area
Simeon Inc. EricLundquistSacramentoSF Bay Area
Skeet Skeet SkeetKevinPettingerChantilly1761
Skeet Skeet SkeetMikeThompsonChantilly1761
Skeet Skeet SkeetMattGoldmanChantilly1761
Skullcramp BryceCurrenceLos AngelesLos Angeles
Skullcramp FrankGilsonSanta MonicaLos Angeles
Skullcramp PedBunsongsikulWest CovinaLos Angeles
Slay Pillage GerardScottMcCordBoston1823
Slay Pillage GerardJonathanSonneBoston1823
Slay Pillage GerardGerardFabianoBoston1823
Slayers 2EugenyOkinMoscowMoscow
Slayers 2VladimirVetrovMoscowMoscow
Slayers 2IgorGorbunovMoskowMoscow
Stalking Tiger Hidden GibbonPaulJordanUnavailable1807
Stalking Tiger Hidden GibbonMatthewUrbanUnavailable1807
Stalking Tiger Hidden GibbonJoshuaRavitzUnavailable1807
Takeshi GundanYuutaUshieIse-shiOsaka-shi
Takeshi GundanYuukiMatsudaTsu-shiOsaka-shi
Takeshi GundanEijiNakanishiWatarai-gunOsaka-shi
TANSHOKU CLUB with 25NorichikaMurakamiUnavailable1792
TANSHOKU CLUB with 25AkihiroShimizuUnavailable1792
TANSHOKU CLUB with 25MasaneOotaUnavailable1792
Tar Tar YausNoahWeilSeattlePortland
Tar Tar YausJedDolbeerSeattlePortland
Tar Tar YausOwenSullivanPortlandPortland
Team $MIRHans JoachimHoehTiel1812
Team $MIRAndreMuellerTiel1812
Team $MIRDanielZinkTiel1812
Team 3am BrendanNimwegenHawthorneBrisbane
Team 3am PaulFarrellyToowongBrisbane
Team 3am ColinMelbourneBrisbaneBrisbane
Team BurkasNicolaiHerzogBochum1759
Team BurkasTuomoNieminenBochum1759
Team BurkasAntonJonssonBochum1759
Team GehrigRobNadebaumEast StKildaMelbourne
Team GehrigChrisNadebaumEast St.KildaMelbourne
Team GehrigWarrenBrewerMalvern EastMelbourne
TEAM Ikemen with BONMasashiMinamiOsaka-shiOsaka-shi
TEAM Ikemen with BONKazutoOomoriAshiya-shiOsaka-shi
TEAM Ikemen with BONSatoshiImuraMinoo-shiOsaka-shi
Team Niccolo MacchiavelliMarcDictusSchotenAntwerpen
Team Niccolo MacchiavelliDirkVerbekenSt AmandsbergAntwerpen
Team Niccolo MacchiavelliJohanVerhulstLintAntwerpen
Team One Point - MagicvilleXavierPetitUnavailable1753
Team One Point - MagicvilleBenjaminCaumesUnavailable1753
Team One Point - MagicvilleSylvainLauriolUnavailable1753
Team OutlandNicolaiHerzogOslo1868
Team OutlandBjørnJocumsenOslo1868
Team OutlandEivindNitterOslo1868
Team Outland 2003NicolaiHerzogOslo1763
Team Outland 2003LovreCrnoboriOslo1763
Team Outland 2003EivindNitterOslo1763
Team ParisAntoineMenardUnavailable1851
Team ParisFredericCourtoisUnavailable1851
Team ParisFaridMeraghniUnavailable1851
Team PiratesBasarCoskunogluIstanbulIstanbul
Team PiratesYusuf KemalVefaIstanbulIstanbul
Team PiratesJohanMeyvisWillebroekIstanbul
Team SniddRyanBarrUnavailable1754
Team SniddAdamRachtUnavailable1754
Team SniddAdrianCarterUnavailable1754
Team SpectraZigaFritzPiranljubljana
Team SpectraAndrejRenkoLjublijanaljubljana
Team SpectraZigraSkrbecLjublianaljubljana
Team Swan BradSwanLandenbergPhiladelphia
Team Swan TomSwanLandenbergPhiladelphia
Team Swan GregorySwanLandenbergPhiladelphia
Team Tilt TerryLauWest VancouverSeattle
Team Tilt PeterRadonjicNew WestminsterSeattle
Team Tilt MichaelThickeVancouverSeattle
Team Uff!PeterMyrvigKoldingCopenhagen
Team Uff!RasmusSibastCopenhagenCopenhagen
Team Uff!AsgerRohde MowLyngbyCopenhagen
Team Wiva ToofpikGeneBrumbyWellingtonChristchurch
Team Wiva ToofpikRichardGraceDunedinChristchurch
Team Wiva ToofpikMichaelCollinsWellingtonChristchurch
Team Work with JoshJoshuaSmithBoston1848
Team Work with JoshMatthewRubinBoston1848
Team Work with JoshMikeSigristBoston1848
Thaaaat's MeBillSteadPalm HarborGP DC
Thaaaat's MeCharlesGindyJacksonvilleGP DC
Thaaaat's MeChrisFennellGainesvilleGP DC
The 3ShawnRaysonPerthPerth
The 3ChristopherPagePerthPerth
The 3BenYuillPerthPerth
The 3 Tokens Live PerformancNicolaGrimalCagliariFirenze
The 3 Tokens Live PerformancThomasFavaroGrossetoFirenze
The 3 Tokens Live PerformancRoccoPalumboGenovaFirenze
The brave liitle toaster CorwinMarshIssaquahBoise
The brave liitle toaster MichaelGinnKirklandBoise
The brave liitle toaster corbettgraySeattleBoise
The BrockafellarsMattLindeChantilly1886
The BrockafellarsBrockParkerChantilly1886
The BrockafellarsWilliamJensenChantilly1886
The Good The Bad & The ScrubYosefTrachtenbergjerusalemTel Aviv
The Good The Bad & The ScrubItamarKarbianGivonTel Aviv
The Good The Bad & The ScrubAmirCohenMaale AdumimTel Aviv
The JC ExperiencePatrickMelloBoston1874
The JC ExperienceJohnLarkinBoston1874
The JC ExperienceSamGomersallBoston1874
The Max Fischer PlayersIgorFraymanNew YorkWest Chester
The Max Fischer PlayersChrisPikulaNew YorkWest Chester
The Max Fischer PlayersJoshuaRavitzRidgewoodWest Chester
The TankThomasKellerCosta Mesa1756
The TankRiadMourssaliCosta Mesa1756
The TankMatthewCassCosta Mesa1756
The Unusual SuspectsDirkHeinBerlinGP Bochum
The Unusual SuspectsDavidBruckerMünchenGP Bochum
The Unusual SuspectsReinhardBlechAugsburgGP Bochum
There's no 'I' in we suckDavidHerderVictoriaVancouver
There's no 'I' in we suckTylerWoolleySaltspring IslandVancouver
There's no 'I' in we suckJossKrayenhoffVancouverVancouver
Ticking clocksNickHamiltondes MoinesLincoln
Ticking clocksDanSkinnerAnkenyLincoln
Ticking clocksTheodorePinsDecorahLincoln
Tight ShipMikeHandfieldEdmontonEdmonton
Tight ShipAnthonyFerraroPrince GeorgeEdmonton
Tight ShipEricChanEdmontonEdmonton
Tj-1000HannuVallinHelsinkiHelsinki Bochum Bochum Bochum Eelcovan RuthAlmereAmsterdam Thijsvan AerdeGroningenAmsterdam JarnoSpijkerZwolleAmsterdam
Tool TimeBrianLynchSummersetSan Diego
Tool TimeLucasGlavinHyde ParkSan Diego
Tool TimeKateStavolaBethlehemSan Diego
Troll EcstaticAdamChambersSomerville1780
Troll EcstaticAlexMelnikowSomerville1780
Troll EcstaticJillCostiganSomerville1780
Truck Oasis CarlosChadhaPittsburghPittsburgh
Truck Oasis AaronVanderbeekGraftonPittsburgh
Truck Oasis NicholasLynnChevy Chase Pittsburgh
Truely Lazy MenGabrielTsangTorontoGP DC
Truely Lazy MenTerryTsangBurnabyGP DC
Truely Lazy MenDavidRoodMontrealGP DC
Two on ThreeJordanBerkowitzBoston1793
Two on ThreeMikeHronBoston1793
Two on ThreeGabeWallsBoston1793
Two Red Heads and Stepchild AndrewGrayRound RockHouston
Two Red Heads and Stepchild JeffreyMeyersonAustinHouston
Two Red Heads and Stepchild ChrisMabryAustinHouston
twoPGShannonKrumickLas Vegas1753
twoPGJamesBucknellLas Vegas1753
twoPGMattTabakLas Vegas1753
Undercover Normal People JohnCataldoSomervilleBoston
Undercover Normal People JeremyWhiteNeedhamBoston
Undercover Normal People CraigBrooksPeabodyBoston
Vanhat ParratLasseLarvankoHelsinki1755
Vanhat ParratHenriSchildtHelsinki1755
Vanhat ParratAnttiKoskimakiHelsinki1755
Vindication for Jarvis MitchTownerSalt Lake CitySalt Lake City
Vindication for Jarvis BennyGollerSalt Lake CitySalt Lake City
Vindication for Jarvis ThomasGollerSalt Lake CitySalt Lake City
Watch Out for TimberwatchThomasGuevinBoston1850
Watch Out for TimberwatchPeterGuevinBoston1850
Watch Out for TimberwatchPaulRietzlBoston1850
We Q'd at the MallHermesAyalaSan FernandoLas Vegas
We Q'd at the MallEugeneLevinSherman OaksLas Vegas
We Q'd at the MallZarehMirbegianglendaleLas Vegas
Wingaardium FrangiosaMatthewUrbanBoston1762
Wingaardium FrangiosaGregWeissBoston1762
Wingaardium FrangiosaRichieFrangiosaBoston1762
Wizard Asylum JimmyJarmanTulsaKansas City
Wizard Asylum JeremyBrightTulsaKansas City
Wizard Asylum GeraldSixkillerTulsaKansas City
Wonder CoyotesFerranVilaBarcelonaSan Diego
Wonder CoyotesOmarRohnerAlcobendaSan Diego
Wonder Coyotesoscarperez paezbarcelonaSan Diego
Wonder Twins & GleeklelandsimmonsHouston1750
Wonder Twins & GleekMasonPeatrossHouston1750
Wonder Twins & GleekFletcherPeatrossHouston1750
www.impulsemagic.comRodrigoPossamaiCaxias do SulPorto Alegre
www.impulsemagic.comPauloRosaporto alegrePorto Alegre
www.impulsemagic.comAryCapristraniPorto AlegrePorto Alegre
www.THE MAGIC TUTOR.comGabrielCaligarisBuenos Aires1793
www.THE MAGIC TUTOR.comMatíasGabrenjaBuenos Aires1793
www.THE MAGIC TUTOR.comDiegoOstrovichBuenos Aires1793
XOX Eskimo Kisses XOXDavidWeitzYoungstownIndianapolis
XOX Eskimo Kisses XOXMarshallArthursCanfeildIndianapolis
XOX Eskimo Kisses XOXBrandonRickardpittsburghIndianapolis
YmsKazumasaShikiSasebo-shiSan Diego
YmsMakihitoMiharaOoita-shiSan Diego
YmsTomohiroYokosukaBunkyou-kuSan Diego
Zabutan NemonautJ GaryWiseChantilly1854
Zabutan NemonautMichaelTurianChantilly1854
Zabutan NemonautEugeneHarveyChantilly1854
Zealot GaoLiangBeijingBeijing
Zealot ZhangYuBeijingBeijing
Zealot JinXinBeijingBeijing
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