Round 2: Jeff Fung vs. Pete Radonjic

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Round 2 Feature Match: Jeff Fung vs. Pete Radonjic
by Josh Bennett

Old-school west-coast sensation Pete Radonjic faced one of his many arch-nemeses this round: Jeff Fung. Fung has been making the most of his career resurgence, posting top finishes after his win at Grand Prix - Hong Kong gave him a shot in the arm. Radonjic, by contrast, has been taking an extended vacation. He hopes Nationals will be his Welcome Home. The two were both played red-white-blue decks shockingly similar to "Miss America" as designed by Brian Kibler.

Radonjic's mulligan to five was music to Fung's ears. Radonjic couldn't believe it. His first round had been plagued by mulligans, and he just wanted them to stop.

Fung watched patiently while Radonjic played out four consecutive land. He had Memory Lapse ready for when Radonjic tried Deep Analysis. Then he untapped and dropped Lightning Angel. Radonjic drew two cards. Fung played another Angel. A vein throbbed at Radonjic's temple. Still, he had Flametongue Kavu to shut down one of the Angels. Fung calmly drew number three.

"Jeff Fung you're so good!" shouted an apoplectic Radonjic, as he scooped up his cards.

Fung 1 - Radonjic 0

"Just so you know, this is a deck I copied from Jeff Fung, one he designed all by himself that has nothing to do with [deck designer and heartthrob Brian] Kibler's article on Sideboard Online." - Pete Radonjic

"Also, my deck is not 'Miss America', but rather 'Captain Canada'." - Jeff Fung

Both players led with Sunscape Familiar, but while Radonjic added Goblin Trenches, Fung went one better with Lighning Angel. This caused Radonjic to sputter about Fung's ubelievable luck. Radonjic was ready with Flametongue Kavu, though. Fung showed just how good he could be by plucking the lone Crimson Acolyte he'd sided in.

Now Radonjic's Flametongue was no offense, and he wouldn't be able to burn out Fung's creatures. Such as the Merfolk Looter he played. Radonjic triumphantly threw down Worship. Fung refused to reveal if he had boarded in Aura Blast.

Fung Looted into more Looters. Soon he had three digging through his library while a found Lightning Angel worked over Radonjic's life total. Radonjic's draws weren't giving him a lot of room to maneuver. Eventually Fung found the Aura Blast, and even had Gainsay to stop an Ice on his Angel's lethal attack.

Final Result: Jeff Fung defeats Pete Radonjic 2-0

Jeff Fung, 5-1
Red-White-Blue Aggro, "CAPTAIN CANADA"

Pete Radonjic, 5-1
Red/White/Blue Miss America

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