Draft 1 Table 1: Tom van de Logt.

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After going 5-1 on day one “the Champ” found himself in a great position to make his sixth Top Eight at Dutch Nationals. All he had to do was manage a 4-2 record in the Rochester Draft portion. He came to the table with the intent of drafting Blue/Red, the only combination he was really familiar with. Tom was in seat three.

The draft started with a weak pack; Shock, Ascending Aven and Spitting Gourna being the cards of note. Seat 1 took Shock, Seat 2 took the Gourna and Tom didn’t hesitate in snapping up the Ascending Aven. Pack 2 had Wirewood Savage, Barkhide Mauler, Clone and Aven Fateshaper. Tom took the Fateshaper out of this pack with both his neighbours taking the green cards. A Shock was waiting in pack three and after that Tom was on the wheel. The next couple of packs didn’t give him much in the form of playables as he picked up some of the random blue morphs. Meanwhile, on the other side of the table a lot of questionable picks were made. Butcher Orgg went third with someone picking Skirk Commando over it. Same for Ravenous Baloth and Haunted Cadaver. Frank Karsten and Frank van de Hanenberg were reaping the rewards of the relatively inexperienced players on their side, opposite Tom’s. Tom on the other hand had a hard time finding any playables at all although he got himself in a great position after pack one.

The two players to his left were W/R and G/B and the players to his right were G/B and W/U. In pack two Tom’s position started paying off as he picked up a Lavamancer’s Skill, a Rift and a lot of solid fliers. He had a chance at Tribal Golem but decided to let it go, rather picking up Lay Waste for some reason, probably the Rift. Despite that questionable pick, Tom was looking fine going into Legions.

Pack one he had to pick up a Covert Operative third but pack two gave him a Lavaborn Muse, providing a larger body than most Blue/Red creatures with a great ability to boot. Then pack three came around and there it was, Imperial Hellkite. A Dragon has the tendency to improve anyone’s deck from decent to good and Tom picked it up gladly. Two Seaswifts, a Warped Researcher and some more random morphs rounded out his Legions pack.

At the end of the draft Tom’s deck seemed good enough for a 2-1 record although it was looking the punch to sweep his table. Especially with Frank van de Hanenberg drafting a monster of a White/Red deck and Rogier Maaten getting one of the best Blue/White decks I’ve seen in a while.

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