Round 11: Bas Postema vs Noah Boeken

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Noah always brings a little extra to the table. Be it style, playing skills or just an annoying attitude. This time it was the latter:

“Get out of that seat! I want that seat.”
“I’m doing fine right here”
“Come on Noah, don’t be an idiot.”

Rune Horvik decided to settle the dispute by flipping a coin. The winner gets to choose whether to play first or the side on which to sit. Noah won and after a little thought chose to play first anyway.
This is another do-or-die match. Both players are on 7-3 and hoping for the sweep. Bas had a nice WB deck with a lot of evasion and some removal spells. Noah has a UB deck splashing Smith, Marauder and Skirk Commando.

Game 1

Of course, he went turn 2 Smith, turn 3 morph, turn 4 unmorph Commando off of his three mountains. A Prowling Pangolin on turn 5 against Bas’ empty board was more than enough to finish him off.

1-0 Noah

Game 2

Cabal Archon and Hollow Specter faced off on turn three, but only Bas’ guy got to attack as the Specter met an early demise at the hands of Bas’ Smother. A Sage Aven got Noah a lot of gas with an Anurid Murkdiver, a Mistform Wall to fire up the Smith in his hand and lands for his Mistform Skyreaver. Bas’ turn five play was the king of overcosted 2/2’s with a Lowland Tracker. It traded for the Smith on the next turn and Noah played his Murkdiver and then his Skyreaver while Bas just played a mysterious morph man and held back. A cycled Gempalm Avenger didn’t turn up any answers to the giant evasion creatures but a Daru Healer prevented one more damage. Bas still took 7 and was on a very short clock. An Aven Brigadier would at least be a temporary solution as well as allowing Bas too race with his own guys, backed up by his Cabal Archon that was good for three small Drain Lifes together with the other Clerics. Noah topdecked Skinthinner at the exact right moment, killing the Aven Brigadier mid combat, wrecking Bas’ team.

2-0 Noah

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