Round 12: Sven Dijt vs Alexander Witt

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These two players have a long history, both hailing from Amsterdam and testing together for lots of events in the past. Their testing for this event paid off as they’re in a win-and-you’re-in position where the winner makes top 8. Both players are playing Green, Sven with red for lots of red removal and Alex with two Skinthinners and a Cruel Revival. The games are going to be battles of attrition with the advantage to Alex because his kill effects can take down creatures of any size.

Game 1

Sven spend a long time contemplating his opening hand which had two Skirk Marauders and a Feral Throwback but just two Forests as lands. He drew a Mountain and a Forest on his first two draws so the game was looking fine. Alex had a Wellwisher to survive the early game a little and a Wirewood Savage to win the long game. Skirk Marauder number one had a tough choice between the two little elves but in the end it killed the Savage. A Sparksmith came down next for Sven looking to dominate the board with it’s ping for three ability. Alex in the meanwhile wasn’t adding anything game breaking to the board and was going to be on the ropes as soon as Sven drew land number six for his Feral Throwback.
Skinthinner took out the Smith before it could get out of hand but the Throwback presented an even bigger threat coming into play as a 7/7 Abyss.

“C’mon topdeck!”

Yep, Cruel Revival off the top. With the big monster out of the way the momentum swung completely in Alex’ favor. His attack put Sven down to six and now it was Sven’s turn to his deck for answers. The answers were not forthcoming though and Shepherd of Rot took game 1 for Alex.

1-0 Alex

Game 2

Six lands and a Skirk Marauder were not good enough for Sven and he parised. Then he parised again. Four mountains and a Skirk Marauder… He had to keep it. The Skirk Marauder took out Alex’ morph and a Shock finished off a Doomed Necromancer but that left Sven with no cards in hand and Alex with four, one of them being a Graveborn Muse. The Muse provided way more gas than the helpless Sven could deal with and Alex took game two, the match and the top 8 slot.

2-0 Alex

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