Round 4: Noah Boeken vs Pieter Pesie

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The old guard vs the new guard. Pieter Pesie only recently started playing Magic but he already qualified for PT Venice. He didn’t do well there but he’s looking for more opportunities to qualify for the big show.
Noah, on the other hand, is one of the most accomplished Dutch Magic players. He’s won a Masters, made top 8 at numerous Grand Prixes and did well at more Pro Tours than most other Dutchmen qualified for. Recently though, he’s fallen on hard times and right now he’s not qualified for Worlds. He’s looking forward to redeem himself at this tournament.
Both have a perfect record coming into this round. Noah is playing a monoblack deck with a lot of one-ofs to Tutor for. Pieter is running a standard Red/Green deck.

Game 1

Pieter won the coin toss and chose to play first. Noah thought long and hard before mulliganing a 5 Swamp, Duress, Mirari hand. Correctly deeming it to slow against Red/Green, especially drawing first. His next hand was fine and they were off to the races. Pieter got out of the gates fast with a Basking Rootwalla and a Wild Mongrel.
A Smother killed the Wild Mongrel but it was replaced by an Elephant token, a perfect curve for Pieter. He flashbacked the Call playing right into the Mutilate that wasn’t in Noah’s hand. Instead, Noah spent his fourth turn Tutoring. Pieter’s next attack got him to 5 before a Mutilate killed his team. A Call and a Lavamancer showed up to keep up the pressure. Noah dropped his 4 card hand: all land.

1-0 Pieter

Game 2

It was Pieter’s time to mulligan this game although it’s not that bad for him as Compost can get him back a lot of card advantage. Compost ofcourse being the nightmare card for monoblack, although all the players running it today claim to have found a way to beat it. We’ll see how Noah’s deck holds up.

Pieter played a first turn Lavamancer that got killed by Noah’s Innocent Blood right away and then he didn’t play a creature until turn 4 when he played another Lavamancer. When he tried to put an Elephant Guide on it, Noah Smothered in response. Then he untapped, played Coffers and cast Visara. A nice turn, indeed.
Visara is one of the ways to beat Compost for the monoblack deck providing a permanent solution for Red/Green’s creatures. The 5/5 body is very hard to actually get rid of for Red/Green’s burn as each burn spell does 4 damage, maximum.
It proved enough this game as Noah just attacked twice and pointed a rather large Corrupt at Pieter’s head.


Game 3

Noah’s turn, this time. Pieter opened with a Rootwalla and cast and flashbacked Call of the Herd on turns three and four. Noah knocked his deck for the fourth Swamp that’d enable him to Mutilate his team and strand Pieter’s Elephant Guide. It wasn’t there though and Pieter had no difficulty winning the match from there.

2-1 Pieter

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