Quarterfinals: Matthijs van Wageningen vs Frank van den Hanenberg

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Frank is a player from Rotterdam with some nice accomplishments on his name. He q'ed for Nationals in previous years and now made top 8. Frank won everything in the Standard part of the tournament. He is playing RG Beats. He is playing Matthijs van Wageningen who played UG madness. He is from the Enschede team and has played a 4-1-1 at day 1 with his deck.

Game 1

Frank is way too late due to some miscomminucation about the starting time. Rune has to give him a game loss for the first, because he is really too late and waiting for him to finish now could cause problems with the time.

Matthijs 1 – Frank 0

Game 2

Frank begins this match and has a turn 2 mongrol. Matthijs matches this play with a mongrol on his side. Next for Frank is another Mongrol followed by a Rootwalla. Matthijs can only make a Arrogant Wurm, which gets blown away by a Violent Eruption. Meanwhile Matthijs is at 10 life and Frank at 15. Matthijs can later on follow up with a Rootwalla and a Aquamoeba. Due to some error in blocking Frank can continue his beatings, killing the Rootwalla and the Aquamoeba. Matthijs doesn't have any replacements. The match finishes when Frank puts an Elephant Guide on his Rootwalla. This is too much for Matthijs.

Matthijs 1 – Frank 1

Game 3

Sideboarding gives Matthijs 2 Moment's Peace and 3 Naturalize for his Looters and a rootwalla. Frank gets 3 Threathen and 4 Ensnaring Bridge for Phantom Centaur, Elephant Guide and some other junk.
Matthijs has a turn 1 and 2 Carefull study, but fails to find anything usefull. Frank starts with a Mongrol. Frank can also make a Rootwalla, but fails to find any lands. He can still attack, because Matthijs still can't do much, failing to find any creatures. Frank finds a Llanowar Elves to make some mana. Now Frank has a hand full of usefull cards, including a Threathen. Frank attacks for lethal damage and we to the next game.

Matthijs 1 – Frank 2

Game 4

No mulligans and Matthijs starts. Second turn is a Mongrol for Frank. Matthijs can't draw anything usefull again and Frank plays a Violent Eruption. This game looks a bit like the rest: Frank has a Mongrol and usefull cards and Matthijs can't keep up or keep any usefull creatures. This game ends soon and Frank can continue to the next round.

Matthijs 1 – Frank 3

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