European Championship Quick Interviews

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"Which European country is the best right now?"

Anton Jonsson, Sweden: "I have to say Sweden. We have guys like Thomas [Rosholm] and Jens [Thorén], so of course we're the best." Svend Geertsen, Denmark: "Denmark, we have so much potential." Alexander Witt, The Netherlands: "The Netherlands. We have more good players, Germany has only one."

"Germany or Brazil?"

Tommi Hovi, Finland: "Brazil. It is more fun to watch Brazil play." Jim Herold, Germany: "Hopefully Germany, but I think it will be hard for them. Brazil has a strong team, and while Germany fight well, they have limited technique." Sigurd Eskeland, Norway: "I root for Oliver Kahn. He would be a bad guy of Magic if he played."

"What is the best thing about having the 2002 European Championship in Amsterdam?"

Alexander Witt, The Netherlands: "I don't have any travel expenses." Franck Canu, France: "The coffee shops." Raffaele Lo Moro, Italy: "The city. Amsterdam is a good place to see and visit."

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