Top 8 Profile: Roland Bode

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We talked to Roland Bode after the final 8 were announced. Although it was no surprise for him, that he was going to battle tomorrow for the title, he was still getting used to the idea. This rather unknown player up till now has been getting better results with time. At this year's German Nationals he finished 10th and qualified himself for Euros per ranking.

SB: "How old are you now?"
RB: "I'm 22. Oh wait. I'm older I'm 23. These days I have to do the math to know how old I am (laughter)."

Indeed a very polite and well-humoured person. He didn't prepare himself intensely for the event besides drafting at his college sometimes and although he only restarted playing Magic: the Gathering with the release of Invasion he is still in shape. Even though he didn't prepare himself at a professional level, it went well for him, looking at his 7-0 record during Day 1. That enabled him to play relaxed during the second day and in the end draw into the Top 8.

Very confident about the quarterfinals, in which he would play a Trenches deck, he worried more about his possible next opponent in the semi-finals.

He was also very thankful to all people, who had lent him cards to complete his deck.

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