Round 11: Tommi Hovi vs. Joni Ukkola

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History shows that Euros has always been a good tournament for Nordic players. Today seems to be no exception as these two can tell you. Still very much in the hunt for the Top Eight, they just switched to their Standard decks after lunch.

Game 1

Hovi wasn't too happy about his hand but he decided to keep it. Ukkola opened with Llanowar Elves and Grim Lavamancer but his Wild Mongrel met Counterspell. The Elves gained Elephant Guide and Hovi found himself at twelve. A Renewed Faith brought him back to eighteen.

Tommi tapped out for Deep Analysis and Joni used the opening to play Call of the Herd. Still, at ten and with a full hand – including Moment's Peace - the two-time PT champion seemed in control.

He Peaced once and Ukkola decided not to play any extra creatures fearing Wrath. Hovi did indeed have Wrath, but decided to play Compulsion instead and flashbacked the Peace.

Ukkola's Lavamancer hit Hovi and Violent Eruption brought him down to a mere four points. He frowned, played Wake and tapped out for Wrath. But it was too late. The Guide left a token behind, and Joni Ukkola had the Firebolt to finish the game.

Joni 1-0 Tommi.

Game 2

Hovi's first hand had only one land: Krosan Verge. It didn't take him long to send that back. The second one had two lands – two Verges - so he kept it. While he was busy playing them Ukkola played Wild Mongrel.

When Hovi failed to find a third land Joni Ukkola could not hide his happiness. The Mongrel was joined by Call of the Herd and Sulfuric Vortex. Hovi knew there was no way out of it but he kept smiling and let his friend put a quick end to his misery.

Final Result: Joni 2-0 Tommi.

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