Round 6: Kai Budde vs. Rogier Maaten

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If you don't know who Rogier Maaten is, let me help you out. He is the current Dutch National champion. Not an easy title to win. This is his first Feature Match, apart from the Nationals, and it won't be any easy premiere. If you don't know the German sitting across from him... well, you should follow Sideboard coverage more often. As usual in these situations they discussed their draft table, and the two previous rounds.

Game 1

The Dutch started things with an unmorphed Skirk Marauder followed by the obligatory morph. Kai answered with a Crypt Sliver. Rogier sent his team in, Backslided the Marauder to save it and played Ixidor.

Slowly Kai fought back. A combat phase, and Clutch of the Undead later he got rid of both morphs. He replayed his Crypt Sliver, played Soulless One and a morph. Maaten played a morph to help his Ixidor out.

Again the Dutch thought long and hard before sending both creatures in. The Sliver stopped Ixidor and after a few tricks Rogier bounced his own Tracer to save it. Embalmed Brawler came in to pump up Soulless One and Kai brought Rogier down to sixteen. The Dutch needed to stabilize the table and did so with Warped Researcher.

Maaten cycled Keeneye Aven to send in the Researcher unchecked and played Sage Aven, looking for extra help.

Kai: "Cards in hand?"
Rogier: "Two."
Kai: "Unburden."
Rogier (discarding Rorix and the Echo Tracer): "Nice."

To add insult to injury, Kai Budde unmorphed Fallen Cleric and added Clutch of the Undead to his Brawler. The Brawler and the Fallen Cleric attacked. Ixidor traded with the Cleric. Despite being ahead in the damage race, Rogier Maaten needed help.

He got it in the shape of a Rush of Knowledge for five. His Sage pecked Budde and he played a new morph. Kai played yet another Zombie and sent his team in. He was trying to make up for lost time.

But it was too late. Maaten unmorphed another flyer and cycled a card to send Warped Researcher to the skies. It was enough for Kai Budde, who collected his cards.

Rogier 1-0 Kai.

Game 2

Kai opened with Death's-Head Buzzard and a morph while Rogier played a morph and Keeneye Aven. Clutch of the Undead took out the Aven and Kai's team brought Maaten to fourteen.

The Dutch played Sage Aven to plan ahead and trade with the Buzzard. Kai replaced the lost creature with Embalmed Brawler and Smothered Maaten's morph.

Keeping things within the theme Rogier killed Kai's morph with Pinpoint Avalanche and then dropped the elbow: Rorix. Kai's deck refused to provide any decent way outs and Rorix Bladewing didn't even break a sweat outrunning Crypt Sliver and Embalmed Brawler.

Final Result: Rogier 2-0 Kai.

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