Round 9: Stuart Wright vs. Sigurd Eskeland

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"I'm not one of the best players anymore." A seemingly innocent remark from past Pro Tour winner Sigurd Eskeland, but nobody really believes that's true when he is drafting at the top table on Day 2 of the European Championships.

Game 1

Both players decided to keep their hands after Wright won the dice roll. Wright's u/r deck produced a turn-three morph creature but Eskeland had a perfect mana curve with turn one Deftblade Elite, turn two Aven Farseer, turn three morph and turn four Dawn Elemental! Wright played a Lavamancer's Skill on the Sage Aven and threatened to dispose of all the weenies but Eskeland had a Piety Charm and lost only the Farseer.

Feature match judge Gis Hoogendijk picked up the forgotten Piety Charm from the table and deposited it in Eskeland's graveyard at which point the Norwegian joked "Why can't I keep it in play for later?"

When Eskeland played a Jareth, Leonine Titan (bomb number two), Wright thought for only a short time before scooping and moving onto the next game.

Game 2

Things progressed fairly slowly with Wright unable to play anything significant and a Deftblade Elite with Dragon Scales providing good protection for Eskeland. Turn six and Jareth raised his powerful head and started to pound the Englishman's head yet again and a short time later the game and the match was over.

Stuart Wright can console himself with the knowledge that in this match there was nothing he could do in the face of the Norwegian's bombs. You never know, maybe Sigurd was right when he said after the match "This may be my year".

Final Result: Sigurd Eskeland 2 – Stuart Wright 0

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