Coverage of 2003 English Nationals

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Artturi Bjork is the new English National Champion, and takes home $4000. Michael Groves will have to be content with $2000; not a bad return for his weekend’s work. Those two, along with Chris Clapton, make up the English National Team for the World Championships in Berlin.

Top 8 Final Standing

  1. Artturi Björk
  2. Michael Groves
  3. Chris Clapton
  4. William Turner
  5. Oliver Schneider
  6. Mike Major
  7. Tom Harle
  8. Simon Marshall-Unitt

(Click here for complete final standings)

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Artturi Björk   Artturi Björk        
8 Simon Marshall-Unitt   Artturi Björk
4 William Turner   William Turner   Artturi Björk
5 Mike Major    
2 Chris Clapton   Chris Clapton
7 Tom Harle   Michael Groves
3 Oliver Schneider   Michael Groves
6 Michael Groves    
3rd/4th-Place Playoff
Chris Clapton Chris Clapton
William Turner

  • Finals: Michael Groves vs Artturi Bjork
    by Mark Wraith
  • Semifinals: Artturi Bjork vs Will Turner
    by Mark Wraith
  • Quarterfinals: Will Turner vs Mike Major
    by Mark Wraith
  • Quarterfinals: Ollie Schneider vs Michael Groves
    by Scott Wills
  • Info: Top 8 Decklists
    by Sideboard Staff

  • Round 12: Quentin Martin vs Michael Groves
    by Owen Pauling
  • Round 11: Neil Rigby vs Oliver Schneider
    by Jim Grimmett
  • Round 10: Simon Marshall-Unitt vs Chris Clapton
    by Owen Pauling
  • Round 10: Mike Major vs Artturi Bjork
    by Jim Grimmett
  • Round 10: Scott Wills vs Kevin O’Connor
    by Mark Wraith
  • Draft 2: Scott Wills
    by Mark Wraith
  • Round 9: Sam Gomersall vs Kevin O’Connor
    by Jim Grimmett
  • Round 9: Tom “Hoodie” Harle vs Neil “Nice Hat” Rigby
    by Roy Williams
  • Round 8: Andrew Mitchel vs Mark Wraith
    by Matt Harper
  • Round 8: Chris Stocking vs Dan Jenkins
    by Owen Pauling
  • Round 7: Mike Major vs Oliver Schneider
    by Roy Williams
  • Draft 1: Oliver Schneider
    by Owen Pauling
  • Draft 1: Pods
    by Sideboard Staff
  • Info: Standard Decklists
    by Sideboard Staff
  • Info: Last Chance Qualifier Decklists
    by Sideboard Staff
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