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After fourteen rounds of very competitive Magic the Top 8 was almost totally composed by known names. Christoph Lippert fought through very gruelling, and extremely long, quarterfinals and semifinals but he was no match for Noah Boeken’s blue-black deck. In about fifteen minutes the Dutchman smashed through any resistance to claim another Grand Prix title.

Noah Boeken

Top 8 Final Standing

1. Noah Boeken $2,400
2. Christoph Lippert $1,700
3. Olivier Ruel $1,200
4. Carlos Barrado $1,000
5. Stan van der Velden $800
6. Reinhard Blech $800
7. Raphael Levy $800
8. Franck Canu $800

(Click here for complete final standings)

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
1 Olivier Ruel Olivier Ruel, 2-0
8 Franck Canu Noah Boeken, 2-0
4 Noah Boeken Noah Boeken, 2-1 Noah Boeken, 2-0
5 Stan van der Velden
2 Christoph Lippert Christoph Lippert, 2-1
7 Raphael Levy Christoph Lippert, 2-0
3 Carlos Barrado Carlos Barrado, 2-0
6 Reinhard Blech

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