Live Coverage of 2002 Grand Prix Hamburg

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Simon Hockwin is the champion of Grand Prix Hamburg!

His blue-green Quiet Speculation deck fought its way through a relatively inexperienced Top 8 that included only one non-green deck and two non-German players. Blue-green again proved dominant as four of the top 8 decks ran this strategy. Three others, including finalist Arndt Meier, ran a green-white beatdown deck. The sole mono-black control deck was run by Piotr Sienko and didn't progress further than the quarter-finals.

In the end the waves of Bears produced by the Grizzly Fates in Hockwin's deck proved too much as he battered and mauled his way to the title and a place in Pro Tour Houston.

Top 8 Final Standing

1 Simon Hockwin (Germany) $2,400
2 Arndt Meier (Germany) $1,700
3 Jens Krause (Germany) $1,200
4 Patrick Plößer (Germany) $1,000
5 Nico Wendt (Germany) $800
6 Piotr Sienko (Poland) $800
7 Dennis Schmitz (Germany) $800
8 Jean Charles Salvin (France) $800

(Click here for complete final standings)

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Nico Wendt   Patrick Plößer, 2-0        
8 Patrick Plößer   Simon Hockwin, 2-0
4 Piotr Sienko   Simon Hockwin, 2-0   Simon Hockwin, 2-1
5 Simon Hockwin    
2 Arndt Meier   Arndt Meier (bye)
7 Jean Charles Salvin   Arndt Meier, 2-0
3 Jens Krause   Jens Krause, 2-1
6 Dennis Schmitz    

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