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Nearly 900 people descended on the sleepy German town of Heidelberg for the first Grand Prix to use the new Torment expansion. The theft of two laptop computers before the event started, could have been seen as a bad omen but the event ran smoothly for such a large field even if both days didn't finish until after midnight. This didn't stop some competitors partying on Saturday night.

In the end only one German made it into the final draft, not the mighty Kai Budde but his Godzilla teammate Patrick Mello. Finally, after a very long and hard-fought top 8, Kamiel Cornelissen, one of three Dutchmen in the Top 8, defeated the American Chris Benafel through the help of a very large Squirrel to claim the title of Grand Prix Heidelberg Champion at just after midnight.

Kamiel Cornelissen

Top 8 Final Standing

1. Kamiel Cornelissen (Netherlands) $2,400
2. Chris Benafel (USA) $1,700
3. Franck Canu (France) $1,200
4. Thomas Preyer (Austria) $1,000
5. Jelger Wiegersma (Netherlands) $800
6. Patrick Mello (Germany) $800
7. Yuri Kolomeyko (Ukraine) $800
8. Joost Vollebregt (Netherlands) $800

(Click here for complete final standings)

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
1 Jelger Wiegersma Chris Benafel, 2-1
8 Chris Benafel Chris Benafel, 2-0
4 Joost Vollebregt Franck Canu, 2-1 Kamiel Cornelissen, 2-0
5 Franck Canu
2 Patrick Mello Thomas Preyer, 2-0
7 Thomas Preyer Kamiel Cornelissen, 2-1
3 Yuri Kolomeyko Kamiel Cornelissen, 2-1
6 Kamiel Cornelissen

Quick Interview (archive)

What's the best European venue for events?

Gary Wise Raphael Levy Kamiel Cornelissen
Gary Wise, UK: "Amsterdam." Raphaël Lévy, France: "Venice" Kamiel Cornelissen, Netherlands: "Amsterdam of course!"

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