2002 Grand Prix London Coverage

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Going into the final of Grand Prix London, Christoph Hoelzl had won thirteen matches, equalling the record for most consecutive wins in a Grand Prix. However, facing him in the final was former World Champion Jakub Slemr. The match featured the clash of green-blue against mono-black, and after three hard fought games Christoph's amazing run came to an end.

Jakub Slemr wins Grand Prix London!

Top 8 Final Standing

 1.  Jakub Slemr (CZE) $2,400
 2.  Christoph Hölzl (DEU) $1,700
 3.  Bram Snepvangers (NLD) $1,200
 4.  Craig Stevenson (ENG) $1,000
 5.  Pedro Velhinho (PRT) $800
 6.  Christophe Haim (FRA) $800
 7.  Dario Minieri (ITA) $800
 8.  Gérard Garcia (FRA) $800

(Click here for complete final standings)

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Christoph Hölzl   Christoph Hölzl, 2-1        
8 Gérard Garcia   Christoph Hölzl, 2-1
4 Dario Minieri   Bram Snepvangers, 2-0   Jakub Slemr, 2-1
5 Bram Snepvangers    
2 Pedro Velhinho   Jakub Slemr, 2-0
7 Jakub Slemr   Jakub Slemr, 2-0
3 Christophe Haim   Craig Stevenson, 2-0
6 Craig Stevenson    

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