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It was all Ann Arbor all the time when Eric Taylor met Pat Chapin in the finals of Grand Prix - Milwaukee. Taylor was anticipating such a match up all along, however, and had built the perfect anti-Chapin sideboard. In a quick and brutal two games, Taylor's Goblin Trenches deck took down Chapin's Squirrel Opposition deck.

Congratulations to Eric Taylor, champion of the largest North American Grand Prix ever!

Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals   Champion
1 Eric Taylor   Eric Taylor, 2-1        
8 Steve Cassell   Eric Taylor, 2-1
4 Brian Kibler   Michael Turian, 2-0   Eric Taylor, 2-0
5 Michael Turian    
2 Neil Reeves   Neil Reeves, 2-1
7 William Jensen   Patrick Chapin, 2-0
3 David Petersen   Patrick Chapin, 2-1
6 Patrick Chapin    

Quick Interview (archive)

"What card would you ban in Standard?"

Gary Krakower: "Fact or Fiction. Maybe."

Mike Flores: "Upheaval. It's insane."

Patrick Chapin: "Once Judgment comes out, Roar of the Wurm."
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