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Pierre Malherbaud has won Grand Prix Naples! The players in the Top 8 had seven previous Top 8s just in the round of Grand Prix that feeds Pro Tour Nice: Christoph Lippert has two (Barcelona and Heidelberg), and Jelger Wiegersma, Patrick Mello, Kai Budde, Olivier Ruel, and Raphael Levy each have one. Iwan Tan and Malherbaud also had Grand Prix Top 8s to their credit, but they weren't in the last two months. In total, the Top 8 has an astonishing 32 previous GP Top 8 appearances.

Pierre Malherbaud

Top 8 Final Standing

1. Pierre Malherbaud $2,400
2. Jelger Wiegersma $1,700
3. Kai Budde $1,200
4. Olivier Ruel $1,000
5. Patrick Mello $800
6. Iwan Tan $800
7. Raphael Levy $800
8. Christoph Lippert $800

(Click here for complete final standings)

Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
1 Jelger Wiegersma Jelger Wiegersma, 2-1
8 Christoph Lippert Jelger Wiegersma, 2-1
4 Olivier Ruel Olivier Ruel, 2-1 Pierre Malherbaud, 2-0
5 Iwan Tan
2 Patrick Mello Pierre Malherbaud, 2-0
7 Pierre Malherbaud Pierre Malherbaud, 2-0
3 Kai Budde Kai Budde, 2-1
6 Raphael Levy

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