Round 3: God's Gift to Women vs.

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Round 3 saw first action from the Pro Player teams and set up this clash as the good Dutch team of God's Gift to Women took on the best Dutch team of, formerly

A Jonne Assen vs. Frank Karsten
B Wessel Oomens vs. Victor van den Broek
C Ruud Warmenhoven vs. Jelger Wiegersma

In Seat B Wessel Oomens faced off against Victor van den Broek in a black-white mirror match.

Game 1

The first game didn't last too long. Oomens started beats quickly with a Festering Goblin and Spectral Sliver. Van den Broek played a facedown Soul Collector but that was quickly the target of a Lingering Death. An Infest from van der Broek put it out of it's misery and cleared Oomen's side of the board.

Oomens' hand was all gas though as a pair of Daunting Defenders smashed face with a Pacifism to clear the road. Van den Broek dealt with one with a Clutch of Undeath but had taken too much damage too quickly and Oomen's took a quick lead for God's Gift.

Oomens 1-0 van den Broek

As they shuffled up for game 2 Wiegersma's red-green deck wiped out God's gift's advantage by going 1-0 up against Warmenhoeven's white-blue. Frank Karsten reinforced this lead by taking the lead in his match.

Game 2

Game 2 was quicker. Oomen's was mana-screwed and van den Broek killed all his early drops before beating him up with some morphs.

Oomens 1-1 van den Broek

Game 3

Game 3 looked more like a contest. Oomens curved up with morph, Screeching Buzzard and Gluttonous Zombie. Van den Broek matched with Plainscycling a Noble Templar, then gumming up the ground with Battlefield Medic, Daru Healer and a morph. Fearing the Soul Collector Oomens kept the Gluttonous Zombie back on defense. His fears were correct but a Lingering Death allayed that problem. Van den Broek fought back by Cruel Revivaling a Windborn Muse on Oomen's side.

Oomen's evasion creatures were free to attack now though and when he brought a Cabal Archon onto the table a few turns later he was able to take the deciding game and open up a 1-0 lead for God's Gift.

Result: Oomens beat van den Broek 2-1

God's Gift to Women 1-0

In the other matches Warmenhoven and Assen leveled to leave God's Gift looking solid. But from then it went wrong as in their deciding match Karsten cast Rush of Knowledge for three then summoned an Aven Brigadier with Dragon Scales to make that game all but over.

In the other match Warmenhoven was on the receiving end of a Symbiotic Beast and Needleshot Gourna. He dropped some high toughness bodies to try and stem the bleeding but it wasn't enough as he went down 2-1 to Wiegersma.

Assen held on but his deck didn't have an answer to the 4/7 flying, double Glorious Anthem that didn't tap to attack.

Final Result: beat God's Gift to Women 2-1

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