Day One Wrap-Up

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The letter D!ay one has drawn to an end and a quick perusal of the final standings shows that of the Top 16 players only six were using cards that are soon to be banned. Ben Stark was sitting atop the standings with a Tinker deck and Mike Abraham was just fractions behind him with a Hermit deck. They were the only 8-0 players so don't go getting any ideas that the bannings were a mistake - Tinker and Hermit Druid are flat-out busted!

That beeping sound you hear is Ben Rubin backing up his Dump Truck all over the meta-game. The one time world-beater turned casual player went 7-0-1 with his PT Junk-esque creation. The remaining undefeated player was Brainburst columnist Steve Jarvis who was smiling right along with the Psychatogs that guided him toward victory.

Red Deck Wins lived up to its name taking a full fourth of the spots in the Top 16. There were three Tog decks, three Tinker decks, two Hermit Druid decks, two Rock decks, one Dump Truck, and a lone Food Chain Goblins deck--to give you a quick sketch of the meta-game at the top tables tomorrow. Tune in bright and early-the action kicks off at 8am PST. We will have all 64 decklists, a fully rendered portrait of the meta-game, and all the feature match coverage you can shake an Isochron Scepter at. See you in the morning!

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