Brian Kibler vs. Blake Quelle

Round Eleven Feature Match:

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The letter B!rian Kibler has been spending a lot of his time editing the Premium side of Brainburst.com. He was practicing what he preached and was playing a silver bullet Psychatog deck that he put forth on that site. He was sitting on two losses and a third loss would put his chances of a Top 8 appearance in jeopardy.

His opponent was a local player and former JSS standout Blake Quelle. Blake has not been playing much Magic of late but showed up when he found out that there was a Grand Prix being held in his backyard. He made a point of mentioning ShuffleAndCut.com as often as possible. Apparently he would not have had the cards to play without their sponsorship. Blake was playing a Rock variant with maindeck Phyrexian Negators.

Game 1

Phyrexian Negator

Neither player had a die and when they flipped Blake announced, "Tails never fails!"

It was indeed tails, as Brian knew it would be, "True that's what I always call."

Blake and Brian settled in for their match and Kibler tried to recall the last time he and his opponent played, "We played once before, right?"

Blake frowned, "Yeah GP: LA it was a crushing defeat."

Blake kept his opening hand but Kibler shipped his back. "Triple Vampiric Tutor and Chrome Mox is not going to a good hand in a match that is going to be about card advantage."

Neither player did anything exciting on the first two turns-a rarity in this format-and Blake played a turn three Phyrexian Negator, "Is that okay?"

"I wouldn't exactly call it okay." Kibler was stuck for lands and missed drop number thee. Blake swung in with his Negator and a Treetop Village on the next turn. When Brian missed another drop he packed it in for Game 2.

Game 2

"I haven't seen a Magic card since Nationals. I haven't looked at any Extended cards until two weeks ago when I found out there was a GP a few minutes from where I live. If I qualify I will go to Kobe though. Any sponsors out there?"

Brian kept a hand with six lands and Brainstorm. One of the lands was a Delta so he would be getting to cash some of those in for new cards but Blake mulliganed a hand with lands and mana creatures but no action.

Brian led with Island and Blake played a Treetop Village. When Brian cast his Brainstorm he found only more land and a Cunning Wish. Blake took the Wish with Duress and played a Bird of Paradise. Brian couldn't shuffle his deck fast enough and broke his Delta. He drew a Counterspell.

That was fine with Blake who was content to beat with Village. He did just that with no play from either player until Brian cast another Brainstorm a couple of turns later, "Best card in the format." He had another fetch land and broke it to shuffle in some of his extra lands.

Blake got in a quick plug, "What's going on here? Some shuffling and some cutting dot com?"

Fact or Fiction

Brian played a Scepter and Imprinted Fire/Ice on it. Blake was ready with an Uktabi but it was countered. Blake was ready with another one and played it and it resolved. "That seems like a good plan." Brian Tutored during Blake's EOT for Fact or Fiction.

Blake beat for five and Brian fell to five needing to find answers in his top five cards. He was hoping for a Back to Basics but his Fact or Fiction revealed two Fire/Ice, CounterspellDaze, and a land. Brian took a pile with two Fire/Ice hoping to find the answers while tying up the Treetop.

Brian tapped a Village and fell to three on the next attack step.

Same on the next turn and Brian fell to one. When his next draw yielded nothing he sacrificed a Polluted Delta rather than let Blake attack him for the final point of damage.

Final result: Blake Quelle - 2 Brian Kibler - 0

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