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The letter T!he Top 8 is under way. Ben Stark and his Tinker deck have been riding the crest of the wave at the top of the standings all day long. He was undefeated coming into the day and he was so far ahead of the pack he could even hook up a friend or two along the way with a well-placed concession. Paul Rietzl climbed the standings all day long to move into the second position with his Tog deck.

Ben Rubin's Dump Truck was sturdy enough that he managed to hover near the top of the standings all day long. Nick Meves will be the big winner regardless of the outcome of his match - he is the top ranked amateur in the tournament and will collect a substantial prize on top of what ever else he wins. He was playing Red Deck Wins.

Blake Quelle hasn't played Magic in some time and he picked up right where he left off when Rock was good. Hey where are all the 'broken' decks? Gerard Fabiano was playing another deck from Extended seasons past and made the Top 8 with Tog.

The infamous PTR, Peter Szigeti was one of the beneficiaries of a Ben Stark concession. He was playing a Tinker deck chock full of soon to be banned goodness. Rounding out the Top 8 was Nathan Saunders who was playing a similar deck to fellow amateur Nick Meves-Red Deck Wins.

There you have it. Only one fourth of the decks in the Top 8 are sporting banned cards. Stay tuned to see if those decks buck the odds and emerge victorious.

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