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The Dangers of Bad Handwriting
Marco Blume, awarded three byes at Grand Prix Antwerp, was almost awarded a fourth round match loss for recording only 36 cards on his decklist. A last-minute consultation with the player revealed that Blume's nines look more like fives, and he was saved.

They Would Run out of Time, Right?
A bizarre caution issued to Robin Baars in the first round has some interesting implications. The caution? "Failure to decide who starts."

How to Play Prison in Odyssey Block
Gary Wise pulled out a fourth round win with a subpar deck in an unusual way: he decked his opponent to death with his own Cephalid Aristocrat.

The game was stalled and stable with neither opponent attacking when time was called at the end of Gary's turn. Gary quickly counted his opponent's library and, realizing he could not win on damage, quickly targetted his opponen't s Aristocrat with a Painbringer, a Psionic Gift, and a Nomad Decoy -- Millstoning his opponent for six cards. Gary did the same through each of his two extra turns and on the draw step of the final extra turn, his opponent discovered that he had no more cards to draw and promptly lost.

The card that won the game, so to speak, was the splashed Nomad Decoy that came in from the sideboard as Gary's FOURTH color. Why did Gary play four colors? Because his opponent's deck was a slow deck and, in Gary's own words, "my deck is s**t".

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