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"What is your favourite creature type?"

Gis Hoogendijk: "Bears!" Pete Norris: "Squirrels" Raphaël Lévy: "Legend"

"What is the most unbalanced card in Odyssey/Torment Sealed Deck?"

Jens Thoren: "Aboshan, it makes you win against a deck with no removal" Patrick Mello: "Big spoilers like Aboshan or Patriarch, but any good creature, like Chainflinger can be broken if your opponent has nothing to get rid of it" Wilfried Ranque: "Patriarch, it's definitly too strong"

"If you weren't here, how often would you click refresh on the coverage?"

Menno Dolstra, NL: "Depends on how much downtime is on Magic Online." Craig Jones, UK: "Once at the end of each day. Unless a friend of mine would be doing well, then every couple of hours or so." Gert Coeckelbergh, BE: "About once each hour... I mean it's Antwerp. Why wouldn't I be here?"

DeadSmurf wants to know: "What cards would you have to open to get you to play white in this format?"

Frank Karsten, NL: "Kirtar's Wrath, maybe not even that." Pete Norris, UK: "Kirtar's Wrath and Mystic Enforcer." Mattias Kettil, SE: "Kirtar's Wrath and several Shelters and Healers... but you can't get that many in your boosters."


Gary Wise, UK: "No." Sigurd Eskeland, NO: "Mise? Mise what? I am not up on this 'mise' terminology Victor van den Broek, NL: "ROAR"

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