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What do you think of Post-8th Standard?

Victor van den Broek: "I like it, it’s very refreshing that Counterspell is gone and you can do whatever you want." Brian Kibler: "I think it’s a lot of fun; Wake isn’t as dominant as it was at Worlds." Zvi Mowshowitz: "There’s way too many white-bordered cards in it."

Who, besides Phoenix Foundation, has the best team for Boston?

Kai Budde: "Probably the Swedes – Thoren, etc." Bob Maher: "We do! Me, Neil, and Dave Williams." Ed Fear: "Illuminati – it’s a personal bias."

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at DragonCon?

Osyp Lebedowicz: "I saw a guy dressed up like a female ThunderCat." Zach Parker: "I guess it would be either PTR spending $100 for a chainmail helmet, or that girl who was painted green." Jeroen Remie: "I saw Elvis attacking the Emperor."

Who will make a surprise Top 8 this weekend?

Peter Szigeti: "Anand Khare." Gabriel Nassif: "William Jensen, because he’s playing a weird deck." Ed Fear: "Not me! Zach Parker, if he hasn’t been eaten by Marco."

What deck should people play to crush Wake?

Gabriel Nassif: "I’m playing W/G beatdown." Carlos Romão: "Zombies beat Wake, with a good sideboard." Peter Szigeti: "Blue-Red Compulsion Burn – I’m being serious now, too."

What is the best deck in the new Standard?

Zvi Mowshowitz: "Goblin Bidding." Osyp Lebedowicz: "Goblins, not Goblin Bidding." Kai Budde: "It's probably Wake."

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