Round 10: Carlos Barrado vs. Antoine Ruel

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Antoine Ruel has no need for any introduction as he is one of Magic's finest players. With a win at Grand Prix Porto, experience with this format is one thing that he shouldn't lack.

Carlos Barrado also has a history of high finishes and is one of Spain's top representatives.

Game 1

Both players wished each other luck and it worked out with zero mulligan on either side. Carlos started more aggressively with a turn two Crypt Keeper while Antoine remained quiet in his corner with three mana. The Spanish summoned a Childhood Horror to join the attack on the Frenchman who had four mana open.

Fearing an Elephant Ambush, which Antoine had he chose not to attack with his Keeper and hit Ruel for two. Ruel then attacked with his Elephant, cast a Nantuko Calmer and stared at a three-creature army.

A Faceless Butcher soon took care of the calmer and opened way for six damage bringing the Frenchman down to eight life.

To find a solution, Ruel played a Diabolic Tutor and took a Chainer's Edict that netted him a Crypt Keeper.

When Carlos enchanted his Childhood Horror with Shade's Form It was just about enough to finish off the tapped out Frenchmen.

Ruel 0 – 1 Barrado

Game 2

Antoine summons a Filthy Cur, which gets met by a Baskin Rootwalla and a Crypt Keeper. The Rootwalla got afflicted but Carlos played out another Keeper and a Diligent Farmhand. Carlos kept bringing creatures into play like there was no tomorrow and his opponent tried to hang on with Gloomdrifter.

Barrado didn't make it easy though by enchanting his Springing Tiger with Shade's Form. Still, Ruel was able to kill it, but it got back in the game and it was too much for him to handle and he conceded.

Final Result: Ruel 0 – 2 Barrado

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