Round 12: Reinhard Blech vs. Christoph Lippert

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Reinhard's first picks during the were Reckless Charge, Seton's Desire and Petravrak whereas Christoph Lippert's first picks were Mortivore, Patriarch and Shambling Swarm.

That meant that Lippert's deck was way superior.

Still, Blech, who was staying at Lippert's room, decided it was best to concede since it was impossible for him to win any further rounds and he would not like to take his testing partner out of the Top 8.

So he conceded and they played for fun.

Game 1

Reinhard played a Skyshooter on his second turn and charged it after he cleared Christoph's Torturer. Then Petravark took Lippert's only Island, which didn't make any difference since he was flooded with mana and had only drawn lands. With only land in his hand, it was not long before he succumbed to his opponent's attacks.

Blech 1 – 0 Lippert

Game 2

An Organ Grinder with a Strength of Lunacy on it took away a lot of Blech's life totals.

But Blech quickly made a comeback with a Springing Tiger and a Gorilla Titan. As if that wouldn't be enough he played Reckless Assault on them and took the win.

Final Result: Blech 0 – 2 Lippert

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