Round 3: Tiago Chan vs. Matthew Vienneau

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Most of the North American players coming to European GPs are playing or intending to play in the Master Series. Here we have a different case. In spite of the fact that he was a double GP winner in the 70's, no one expected Vienneau to make the trip to Copenhagen. But as he was on holiday in Europe he decided to make a stop to Denmark before he flies back home. His opponent is Tiago Chan, an experienced GP player who finished several times in money and is a PT player too.

This is the third round of the first Onslaught limited tournament which looks more like a prerelease to most of players. Chan's opening hand was full of very strong cards (Sparksmith, Mauler, Kamahl, Embermage) but he only had two lands. Vienneau had choosen to present a u-g-w deck he didn't seem to be very happy with.

Game 1

And the Canadian's start wasn't indeed very impressive, with a turn four 3/2 Aven as a first threat to Chan's green-red (supposedly) aggressive deck. Only supposedly, in fact, because the Portuguese players land seem to be on holiday, probably in a pretty cool place since they don't seem to be homesick. Tiago drew Rorix but just died before playing any of his big monsters.

Chan 0-1 Vienneau

Game 2

Once more Tiago kept a two-land hand but just drew perfectly after that. He got a turn one Goblin Sledder, turn 2 Sparksmith, turn 3 a mysterous creature face down (exciting, isn't it?). Since Vienneau's u-g-w deck doesn't seem to deal easily with Prodigals, Chan added Lay Waste on turn 4 and Elven Riders on turn 5. Matthew, in trouble at this time, conceded.

Game 3

Chan 1-1 Vienneau

The thing is, Tiago Chan seemed to be far happier about his card pool than his opponent, and that on his draws depends the result of the game.

Despite another strong start from the Portuguese superstar (Sledder, Flamestick, Sparksmith), Vienneau tried to resist playing (eventually) a spell in the first three turns. That spell was not one of these mysterious things that makes Onslaught's game so exciting, but a Mobilization which is far better for facing three one thoughness creatures. Chan tried to race him, killing a token and attacking for three on every turn. The thing that would decide of the winner of the game is Vienneau's ability to reach six lands on turn six. If he managed to make two tokens a turn, Chan would get in big trouble. But the Portuguese kept in hand a little surprise for his third-round opponent, as Lay Waste destroyed a Plains and acted like a Time Walk on the game. On the next turn, Vienneau managed to make two tokens but couldn't stop one of the creatures. Chan sacrificed two goblins to pump the unblocked creature and give the last damage with a Green Charm.

In the end, Vienneau had been one Lay Waste from winning.

Final Result: Chan 2-1 Vienneau

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