Round 6: Raphael Levy vs. Bjorn Jocumsen

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Both players have a perfect 5-0 record going in to this round so let's see who can keep up the goods.

Bjorn is a familiar face at Pro Tours but due to work and family business doesn't play that often any more. His record till now proves he still has the skills to compete at a high level. On the other hand Raphael Levy is a player who just always seem to do well; with numerous Top 8s at GP's and PT's, he's one of the best French players out there.

Game 1

Although Levy was starting Jocumsen was first out of the gates with a second turn wellwisher. Then both players began laying some morph creatures and they tried to figure out what the 2/2 of the other player could be.

After attacking with his first one Levy played a Gustcloak Harrier which began servng every turn; effectively doing one point ( because of the Wellwisher ). When Bjorn attacked with his morph man Raphael decided it's time to block with his one.. damage went on stack Raphael's man appeared to be Gravel Slinger; Bjorn's Snarling Undorak dies cause bjorn didn't have two green mana.

Another Slinger came down and although Raphael was not dealing alot of damage things were not looking good for Bjorn. He also was failing to draw more Elf's so his Wisher only gained him one a turn. In a attempt to gain control of the game Bjorn tapped all of Raphael's creatures with a Choking Tethers and served for 7. Bjorn then played a Mistform Shrieker so he would be able to block Raphael's flyer. He didn't however because he was afraid of a trick that would shatter all his hope left to win this game. Life totals at this point are Bjorn(6) Raphael (10). With only 3 creatures against Levy's armada of dudes there was no way out for bjorn so on to Game 2.

Game 2

It fell to Raphael to be first out with a Glory Seeker. Bjorn looked away in disgust when on turn four Raphael's morph creature turned out to be a Exalted Angel...ouch; The only thing Bjorn could add was a morph guy. Bjorn had decided to swich colors after boarding but it didn't pay off because he didn't draw any mountains with a full grip of red cards. Not drawing a mountain again Bjorn scooped up his cards.

Final Result: Raphael Levy wins 2-0 over Bjorn Jocumsen

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