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Seat 1: Daniel Bertelsen

The Draft

Daniel first picked Shatter, then he took a lot of white cards, including the full team of flyers and equip creatures. The problem, which became even more obvious when he first picked Spikeshot Goblin in the 16th pack was his lack of equip. He tried to compensate it late on, not always with good cards.

+ all of the good white creatures
- problems with equip decks : forces him to play bad cards (Golem-Skin Gauntlets)

Prediction 1/2

Seat 2 : Amiel Tenenbaum

The Draft

It was a tough draft for the Frenchman. In the first pack he received a Somber Hoverguard second pick, before he opened and picked a Slug. And all the draft went the same way, terribly contradictory, as he is playing affinity spells and has Vedalken Archmage in his board

+ rares !!! (Slug, Plated Slagwurm, Quicksilver Elemental)
- no way to deal with the thousands of Spikeshot Goblin at the table, not much synergy

Prediction 1/2

Seat 3 :Jens Thoren

The Draft

Seated next to Amiel playing UG, Jens went for RW. After three picks (Iron Myr, Electrostatic Bolt, Arrest) his colors were locked. Then he focused more on removal (triple Bolt, Arrest, Spellbomb) and received in the very last packs Spikeshot Goblin and Bonesplitter.

+ no one has as much removal at the table
- short in creatures

Prediction 2/1

Seat 4: Anton Jonson

An absolute disaster. The draft started well for Anton (Viridian Shaman, Irradiate, Creeping Mold, Sculpting Steel in the first 8 packs) to finish really bad. Icy Manipulator joined the team, but as nothing was coming he starting picking red cards (Spikeshot, Replica) despite already being UGB.

+ some strong cards might make the difference (Sculpting Steel, Icy Manipulator, Viridian Shaman)
- no creatures, bad mana curve

Prediction 1/2 (if he was not Mr Jonsson I'd say 0/3)

Seat 5 Lars Dam

The Danish decided to go for blue, picking Regress over Atog in the first pack. Then, he naturally came to have white in his deck as he received Arrest and Swordsmith on second and third pick. He chose to pick Pearl Shard over his second Arrest, which seemed to surprise most of the players at the table. A bit later he received a second copy of both of these cards. Icy Manipulator and Leonni Abunas were his other most remarkable picks, but Lars made the mistake to pick too often spells over creatures.

+strong spells (2xArrest, 2x Shards, Icy)
-out of his 13 creatures, 8 are 1 powered

Seat 6 Tuomo Nieminen

Tuomo didn't make this common mistake to pick the spells over the creatures systematically, which makes his deck the most aggressive at the table. Double Vulshok Berserker, and many early drops (including one Spikeshot Goblin) added to triple Predator's Strike don't make him a scary match up for deck as Dirk's or Jens's. Unfortunately he didn't get passed much removal and his results on this draft will depend on how the Strikes will compensate this lacking.

+ aggressive deck, Arc Slogger
- only one Bolt for removal

Prediction 1/2

Seat 7 Tommi Hovi

The heavy favorite to win this table. The first series of boosters just went perfect as he got 7th pick a UW Talisman, then Silver Myr, Wizard Replica, Arrest, Leonin Abunas, Bonesplitter, Bonesplitter. His deck was almost done after first eight packs. Then he only solidified it, putting in good creatures (double Skyhunter Patrol), more mana fixers (Myr) and splashing red for removal (Grab the Reins, Spellbomb).

+very complete deck
-only three color player at the table he might have mana problems

Prediction 3/0

Seat 8 Dirk Baberowski

Being player 8 is never easy in Rochester. Dirk didn't really have the opportunity to choose his colors and went for brown most of the time. In the end he had a UB deck featuring both black and blue shards, a pair of Myr Enforcers and Looming Hoverguard.

+strong spells when the game last (double Shard)
-can hardly deal with aggressive starts

Prediction 2/1

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