Finals: Jelger Wiegersma vs. Tommi Hovi

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One more round to go and it is fitting that the final should be fought between two highly experienced and accomplished players. Tommi Hovi from Finland has two Pro Tour titles to his name. Jelger Wiegersma from the Netherlands has a Pro Tour Top 8 from New Orleans and has blitzed the European Grand Prix circuit in recent years with multiple Top 8 finishes. A title still eludes him though. Maybe that can be fixed here…

Hovi has a strong removal heavy black deck with a splash of blue and red. Wiegersma is running a very quick white-green deck.

Wiegersma started with a Slagwurm Armour that Hovi needed to pick up and read. He followed it with a Mask of Memory and then a Skyhunter Cub to put it all on. Hovi’s first play was a Spikeshot Goblin, normally a problem for white-green, but not currently troubling Wiegersma’s 3/3 flier. It became even less of a problem when Wiegersma Arrested it.

Hovi had a Crystal Shard but no blue mana to activate it cheaply and so he had to take another hit from Wiegersma’s Cub and allow the Dutchman to dig deeper into his deck with the Mask. Another Cub joined the fun and attacked on the ground. Thankfully it was small enough for Hovi to Irradiate, but Wiegersma got to draw another 2 cards from the flying Masked Cub.

The situation was very bad for Hovi. Wiegersma chose to blow up a Grand Furnace with a Viridian Shaman rather than his Shard. Hovi replaced it but didn’t seem to have a lot to do apart from sit there like a good goldfish and get slapped down to 5 by Wiegersma’s Cub, Transfixer and Shaman.

Hovi returned his own Goblin at end of turn. The next drawstep wasn’t helpful and the Finn packed it in to go to game two. Wiegersma’s deck had given him a blisteringly fast start while Hovi’s had stayed in bed.

Wiegersma 1-0 Hovi

Wiegersma showed no signs of hanging around in game two as he followed a turn 1 transfixer with a Den-Guard. Hovi’s deck also came out fast with two Alpha Myr’s and a Spikeshot Goblin.

Then Wiegersma seemed to hit a stall as he passed turns 3 and 4 without playing a spell. Hovi shot the Transfixer and then finished off the Den-Guard when it blocked one of the Myrs.

Now it Wiegersma’s turn to face a bettering as Hovi fetched back the Myr with a Moriok Scavenger. Wiegersma tried to stem the bleeding with a Skyhunter Cub and Fangren Hunter. The next turn was pretty bad though as Hovi Terrored the Hunter end of turn and Scimitar’ed up his Goblin to kill the Cub. Wiegersma took 7 from the attack.

The next turn Wiegersma had to play out the two one toughness monsters in his hand: a Slith Ascendant and Copper Myr. Hovi shot the Slith and sent in the team. Wiegersma Turned to Dust the Scimitar and then went to ambush with Raise the Alarm. Hovi was about to cast Wail of the Nim before he realized it would kill his Myr’s anyway. He took it back and said “I declare nothing,” to laughter from the spectators.

The Myr’s died but it didn’t help Wiegersma as he was overrun a couple of turns later.

Hovi 1-1 Wiegersma

When he didn’t play anything on turn 2 Hovi could have been forgiven for thinking Wiegersma had a slow start this game. Wiegersma was just waiting for the end of Hovi’s turn to bring a couple of Soldiers into play with Raise the Alarm. He followed that with a Skyhunter Cub and then a Leonin Den-Guard while Hovi’s deck looked to have gone to sleep again. Sac’ing a Chromatic Sphere for red didn’t help and his Crystal Shard looked too slow.

Hovi brought out an Alpha Myr but he could see how bad the game was going when Wiegersma cast Viridian Shaman and forced him to bounce his own Myr rather than destroy the Shard. Wiegersma swarmed in for more damage leaving Hovi at a fragile 3 life.

Hovi drew his card, but it couldn’t deal with Wiegersma’s horde and so the match and title went to Jelger Wiegersma. Finally the Dutchman had his major title.

Jelger Wiegersma beat Tommi Hovi 2-1

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