Feature Match Round 10: Jonny Chapman vs. Raphael Levy

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Another three wins and these players will be in the ever-elusive top 8. A position Levy is used to; he had an impressive start yesterday, going 6-0, but he could not sustain it and fell to 7-1. Jonny seems to be a name doing well this weekend, first Wilkinson in the rugby and now the infamous Chapman. Jonny’s deck was very solid topped off with five very good rares whilst the Frenchman’s was very fast.

Levy won the dice roll and broke out of the blocks stomping. Turn one Bonesplitter followed up by an Alpha Myr and then an Iron Myr. Jonny nullified it with a first turn Leonin Elder, backed up by an AEther Spellbomb. The Elder gained the Englishman four life before attacking and trading with the Iron Myr; it might have been better to have held back and block the equipped Alpha Myr. Levy kept swinging with a Splitted Myr, which dropped Chapman to 15.

In an attempt to stabilize, Jonny made a Soldier Replica but Levy’s deck was being kind to him and Viridian Shaman hit, allowing Raphael to swing in with the Myr again. The Shaman was Arrested and the Alpha Myr was returned to hand using the Spellbomb when it attacked. It was simply remade and re-equipped after combat.

Jonny passed his turn after laying a Cloudpost. Levy smashed for four more with the Alpha Myr and made a Gold Myr. Chapman caught both with an end of turn entwined Blinding Beam. Making a comeback, Jonny hard cast a Somber Hovergaurd in the free turn the Beam had bought him and played a Soldier Replica the subsequent turn. Levy had made the now fearsome Viridian Longbow; with the Englishman on seven life it seemed powerful.

Chapman added a Skyhunter Cub to his board position but Levy trumped him, Deconstructing the Replica and making a Triskelion. Several points of damage to the dome later and it was on to game two.

Levy 1 – Chapman 0

Chapman considered boarding in Gary Wises’ choice for second best blue card in the set, Inertia Bubble, but wisdom decided against it.

Levy kept a one Forest hand going second containing two Alpha Myr and a Frogmite. His first two draws were Longbow and a Mountain. Tight. His board position by turn three consisted of all already mentioned cards. His next draw was another land.

Jonny started out on defense - a Wizard Replica, followed by its white counterpart, stabilizing the board. The Soldier Replica traded with Levy’s Frogmite, and the board was peaceful again. Levy played a Granite Shard and Jonny tapped out for a Thoughtcast before playing an Island whilst holding Annul. The Frenchan used the Shard, the longbow, all of his mana and all of his men to shoot down the Replica in his next turn.

Chapman tapped out to drop his own Triskelion, gunning down both Alpha Myrs and leaving Levy creatureless. Raphael could only muster a Tel-Jilad Chosen in response. Chapman made an Altar of Shadows. The Chosen proved itself to be very annoying, being untargetable by both the Altar and the Triskelion. Levy then made a Yotian Soldier and equipped it with a Leonin Scimitar.

Jonny left all of his many open so as to be able to Altar the Soldier, it did so in the Frenchman’s attack step and the Chosen knocked him to eleven. Levy made and Scimitared a Gobiln War Wagon. The Shard kept shooting the Englishman.

The Wagon was Altared, the Chosen was Arrested, the Triskelion swung and a Titanium Golem and a Leonin Elder entered the fray, the Elder was shot down with the Shard before any life was gained. Levy was backpedaling, he made the ever-so-strong Rust Elemental and again equipped it.

Chapman’s main phase saw him Altar the Elemental and make an AEther Spellbomb. The Triskelion and Golem swung. After combat, the Triskelion was bounced back to Jonny’s hand and re-laid, all the tokens flying at Raphael to draw the match level.

Chapman 1 – Levy 1

Heeding Gary’s ‘advice’, Chapman brought the Inertia Bubble in to deal with Levy’s explosive artifact-based starts.

Raphael kept a much slower hand this game – four land, a Scimitar, a Longbow and a Yotian Soldier. Jonny muliganned and kept three land, Bubble, Arrest, Razor Barrier.

The Frenchman sure drew well, making Alpha Myr and Frogmite on turn three, Chapman replied with a Soldier Replica. The Frogmite was equipped with the Scimitar and swung unheeded and the Yotian was played. Jonny Inerted the Frogmite and passed his turn.

Chapman blocked the Scimitared Yotian with his Replica and sacrificed it to kill he the attacking creature before realizing his miscalculation; the Yotian stayed around. Jonny Arrested the Yotian and made a Spellbomb. A topped Titanium Golem left him back in the game at 13 life to the Frenchman’s untouched 20.

Levy used his turn dropping his sixth land and bouncing around the Longbow to send Chapman to eleven. Jonny dropped his seventh land, a Cloudpost, and inwardly winced at not being able to cast the Altar of Shadows in his hand.

A Bonesplitter from Levy instantly equipped the already Scimitared Alpha Myr which swung forward. Jonny blocked with his Golem and Raphael cast Predator Strike, the Englishman stacked damage before casting Razor Barrier, but the trample dropped Chapman to six. Jonny made the Altar but Levy topped a Neurok Hoversail and swung in for the victory.

Levy 2 – Chapman 1

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